Testimonial: Carmen

Healed from Bipolar

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My name is Carmen, I watched Delores Winder's program on Sid Roth a couple of months ago in early December. I was intrigued and blessed by her testimony. 

Amazingly, I was healed!
        At the end of the show Delores had a word from God about someone suffering from Mental Illness, and that it was generational in my mother and my mother's sister. AMAZINGLY, I was healed!

I was suffering from BIPOLAR and my mother was as well. Delores has such a great anointing and I'm so thankful she let God use her. Pray for me please, I'm a pastor's wife, and it's been an amazing struggle growing and being in the ministry. I am so blessed however and my life has been so set free after the healing. Thanks so much to God!! Every day I sit and thank God that He set me free!

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