Testimonial: Robbie

Profound, Instantaneous Healing

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I was healed while watching the TV show where Sid Roth interviewed Joan Hunter. During the TV show Joan shared about a parts room in heaven. 

I tingled all over for weeks and weeks.
        She also shared about angels that attended her meetings and had their quivers full of body parts for the people, instead of arrows. During the TV interview Joan prayed for those watching to receive the new body parts that they needed.

I received a new heart, two new lungs, a new spine, a new esophagus, a new pancreas, two new kidneys, two new knees, two new hips, two new shoulders with new rotator cuffs, two new elbows, a new stomach, new intestines, a new colon, a new bladder, new veins and arteries, a new brain and a new neck.I have been healed before of different things but I have never before received such a profound instantaneous healing.
That night, Feb 21, 2007, I had to go to work. At that time I was working nights as an RN at a Rehab Hospital. When I got to work everyone raved about how wonderful I looked. What had I done? A new diet? A new make-up? Usually there was no time to talk but this night there was time and I had a rare opportunity to share what God had done for me that very day.
I tingled all over for weeks and weeks. I shared what happened to me as often as someone would listen.
It is now over a year since that happened. I am still miraculously walking in divine health! I did nothing to deserve this. I am not special. I serve an awesome special God who loves us more than we can even imagine.
Thanks be to God who provides what we need before we even ask!
Thank you, Sid, for being faithful with your ministry to the Jew first and then the Gentile, like me.

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