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Mortgage needs are met!

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Shalom, Sir:

I scarcely know where to begin.... My husband and I are Jewish believers in Y'Shua HaMashiach. Just hours ago, we finished listening to one of your archived programs, with Craig Hill.

Our mortgage needs were met!!!!
        The revelation about the true meaning of "ma----on" (please allow me not to spell the name out), was extraordinary! My husband and I received every word, and the Ruach HaKodesh (Blessed by HE!) revealed even more to us.

We received a revelation that this fallen entity, formerly worshipped as a false god in ancient times, works in the lives of believers by causing them to clinch their fists tightly during hard times, ceasing to give, and therefore out of fear we sometimes unknowingly cut off our blessings by halting the Give-Receive cycle. HE also showed us that during times of plenty, we fail to do as Yosef ben Ya'acov instructed Egypt to do. STORE UP.

Suddenly we saw it! That which had been hovering over us for years like a dark cloud. Remember that term.

We immediately prayed and did as our brother instructed during your show. BUT - when he prayed, he said:


THAT WAS US!!!! He then said, in his prayer, "L-RD, do something for them TODAY!"

Immediately after that prayer, the Blessed Ruach HaKodesh [Holy Spirit] reminded my husband of a meeting he had been invited to.... My husband felt compelled to go. And so he did.

At the end of the service, the elders stood at the front and invited anyone hurting and with a financial need to come forward. My husband and I had often said that the "church" was needing to return to the Jewish Roots, and return to the conduct of the 1st century Hebraic believers in Messiah. When someone had a need, everyone helped; the funds were not just for a selected few.... The first believers in Yerushalayim did not send hungry people to "food pantries." They made sure everyone ate and was clothed DAILY. This church my husband was visiting called up everyone with financial needs, and EVERYONE'S NEEDS WERE MET!!!!

Then an elder, looking toward my husband, urged that no one should feel ashamed. So my husband arose and our mortgage need was MET!!!!

Remember, what I said earlier? Craig prayed that our need would be met TODAY to prevent us from losing our home! Your program was PRE-RECORDED....

I know that this is a long story, but you have played a major role in our lives, and we wanted you to know it. We would like to give into your ministry. It will not be a lot, because neither of us have found a job yet. BUT - tonight, a man told my husband, after putting money in his hand, that "The CLOUD over our lives is about to be lifted"!!!!!

....Blessed Be our G-D Who has been gloried through your life, Sid, into ours! And may this blessing be multiplied many, many times over back into your life! Even daily, until HE Comes!

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