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Drawing a Picture of God's Revival Glory.

By Warren Marcus

"As a five-year-old boy in a Conservative Jewish family, I had an encounter with God that started me on a search to know Him."

Growing up, I was very afraid of thunder and lightning. My agnostic Jewish sister tried to comfort me by saying God would protect me. Then one night I had a dream in which I was walking in the clouds in the middle of a violent storm. In the distance the bright golden light of God’s Shekinah Glory pierced through the clouds and beautiful beams of the Glory came toward me making a pathway. I was drawn into the Light of His presence.

I heard God’s soothing voice saying, “Don’t be afraid. I am your Friend!” Immediately I felt an unexplainable peace — bliss — ecstasy! When I awoke I described my dream to others, including my Jewish mother, but they didn’t understand how significant it was.

In kindergarten class I tried to draw a picture of what I saw in my dream. A Jewish boy asked what me what I was drawing. I said, “It’s a picture of God.” He immediately challenged me, “You can’t draw a picture of God — no one can see God!” I insisted that I did see God and this led to an argument. The teacher came over to quiet us down. The boy told her, “Warren said he saw God.” Now in tears I replied, “I did see God — in my dream — and this is a picture of Him.” The teacher looked at my drawing then back down at me confounded.

I now realize that I drew the picture to try to communicate that childhood revelation of God’s Glory so others around me could experience it too. Today, I am doing the same thing! But instead of drawing on paper, I am being used by God to unveil His Glory on film and television.

As a young man, I attended film school and pursued a successful career as a Madison Avenue TV commercial producer. I was 21 years old when I finally embraced Jesus as my Messiah and Lord. I complained to God, “I don’t want to use my talents to do deodorant commercials. I want to make movies to show forth Your reality and help others experience Your awesome presence.”

Warren had no idea when he left Madison Avenue of where God would eventually lead him.

In answer to my prayer, I was hired to work for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). There, God used me to produce the animated Bible series, SuperBook and Flying House. I also produced the highest rated religious special of all time, Don’t Ask Me, Ask God! It included secular Hollywood celebrities, drama, man-on-the-street comments and an altar call. The broadcast garnered a 10.5 Neilsen TV rating with an audience of over 16 million people. Over 114,000 people wrote in to say they had prayed with Pat Robertson to receive Jesus.

It was at CBN that I met Sid Roth and we immediately became friends. Both of us were Jewish believers in the Messiah who longed to see the Jewish people and Gentiles saved by using media. After CBN, I began working for Jerry Falwell as the Executive Producer of his flagship program, The Old Time Gospel Hour.

Sid asked me to help him create and produce a TV program called It’s Supernatural! The first episodes were filmed in Toronto, Canada. We taped the program during the day, and Sid insisted on dragging me to the Toronto Blessing revival services in the evening. I was extremely nervous about it. I had heard rumors that things were not done “decently and in order” there. I also felt I had much to lose. I thought to myself, What if Jerry Falwell found out? I could lose my job!

Above: As a filmmaker, Warren was fascinated by the manifestations of the power of God. Then a young man's near-suicide testimony touched him.

The anointed worship music immediately impacted me. I felt as if I was being lifted into the heavens. Person after person came forward to share testimonies of salvation, physical healing, freedom from depression and a new love for God. I thought, Other pastors would love to have this going on in their church. But then I witnessed things that I had never seen in any church.

As a filmmaker, I was fascinated by the manifestations. I saw people weeping, laughing uncontrollably on the floor, dancing ecstatically, and so overcome by the presence of God they appeared to be drunk. A number of people were shaking violently. I asked Sid, “Those people with cerebral palsy, are they here for healing?” He chuckled, “Those people don’t have cerebral palsy. They’re shaking under the power of God.”

When the speaker invited people to come forward for prayer, I remained in my seat. I thought, If I go up for prayer and come back shaking, I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do to Jerry Falwell.

One testimony in particular broke down my barriers. A young man tried to explain what his life was like prior to experiencing the Toronto Blessing. He would begin to talk, but every time he tried, he began laughing uncontrollably. The laughter was contagious, but I tried to maintain a respectable religious stature. The young man finally composed himself. Then, with tears streaming down his cheeks he said, “Before the revival, I had a gun to my head and was ready to kill myself.” At that moment conviction came over me. Tears welled up in my eyes. I started to weep over my judgment of this man. I asked myself, “Would it be better if he was dead?” God gave him joy in place of depression and suicide.

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Brownsville and Smithton for yourself.
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I watched people being prayed for. Then as they lay on the floor of the church “soaking” for hours in the worship music, many were overcome with the presence of God. Miracles took place before my eyes! Healing, deliverance, marriages reconciled. People ready to give up on life now had a new purpose — to pursue intimacy with God and give the love of God away to others.

I finally went forward for prayer and God touched me radically. I told God, “I don’t care if I lose my job. I just want You and everything You have for me!” I wept uncontrollably for days. I felt like that five-year-old Jewish boy who encountered God in my dream. As I lay on the floor of the Toronto Church, I saw myself in that kindergarten class trying to draw a picture of the Glory of God. Then God clearly spoke to me and said, “You need to film what you see Me doing here and show forth My Glory!”

I would spend years filming in Toronto! It was an amazing time in my life. I interviewed hundreds on film who told their amazing stories of being transformed in a moment as they were touched by God’s Glory. I also received downloads from heaven. Every day I had visitations! I would get so filled with God’s Glory, I was sharing the Gospel with everybody!

Above: Scenes from the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL and the Smithton, MO Outpouring.

I would then travel back to Lynchburg, Virginia to continue my job with Jerry Falwell. Jerry took me aside one day. He had watched a TV interview I did that included excerpts of my film on the Toronto Blessing. He said, “It appears to be a move of God. Is it truly all you say it is?” I replied, “Yes Jerry, I too have been dramatically impacted there!” Jerry said, “I know you — and if you say it’s God, then I believe you. But don’t quote me until I’m gone!” We both laughed out loud! Instead of being fired, I was promoted!

One day Sid called to tell me about the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. I had heard something about it from a friend of mine who used to work at CBN. She attended the church there and tried to share how great a move of God it was. I thought I’d seen it all in Toronto, so I wasn’t interested in going. Sid invited me to go with him. Again, I was blown away by what I experienced. Because of Sid, now I found myself filming and documenting the Brownsville Revival. I was splitting my time traveling to Toronto, then to Pensacola, and then back to Lynchburg.

Sid told me about a third revival occurring in the tiny town of Smithton, Missouri, population 532. It took two hours to drive there from the Kansas City airport. Again, I went with Sid. I felt as if God was saying, “Get ready to film this one, too!”

Over 4.5 million people came from all over the world to experience the Toronto Blessing. Another 4 million came to Brownsville in Pensacola, and hundreds of thousands traveled to the tiny town of Smithton, Missouri to experience the outpouring there! God allowed me to capture the anointing so others could experience these revivals as if they were actually there. The testimonies included on my 7-DVD revival series (offered below) are so powerful that whoever sees them will sense the power of God emanating from their television!

I have been invited recently to a number of denominational churches to show video segments from these revivals. To my amazement, God’s Glory falls upon those watching just as it did at these three great revivals. For example, as I show the altar call from the Brownsville Revival where Charity James sings the “Mercy Seat” song, people begin to come forward seeking more of God.

Above: A very young Warren Marcus with his sister. At the age of 5, Warren saw the Shekinah Glory of God in a dream, which he drew for his kindergarten classmates. But Warren was unprepared for the direction his Madison Avenue advertising career would take him. When he embraced Jesus as his Messiah, God opened a door to join Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network and later he became Executive Producer for Jerry Falwell's Old Time Gospel Hour. When Sid Roth invited him to help create and produce It's Supernatural!, he got much more than he could see coming.

The same things that are documented in Toronto, Brownsville and Smithton begin to take place wherever I show these DVDs. Many have told me that this is far better than attending these revival meetings in person because the best of all three of these great revivals is included in this 7-DVD series and therefore the anointing is far greater! Nothing is impossible for God in the atmosphere that accompanies the viewing of these DVDs, whether in your church, in your home or anywhere you play them!

The time I spent filming and being immersed in these great revivals changed my life forever. I have a burden to see everyone experience the power of God and be filled with His Glory! That’s why I now work with Sid as Executive Producer of It’s Supernatural! TV program. My passion is to help others experience God’s Glory and to help Sid mentor believers to walk in the supernatural of God. Like Sid, I long to see my Jewish brethren saved and to witness the greatest revival yet to be ushered in, as massive numbers of Jewish people and Gentiles come into the Kingdom!

Dear Mishpochah

I feel like I am going from blessing to blessing. You can too! I feel like Job when the extraordinary blessings of God were poured on him. I have learned our spoken word is more powerful than our thoughts. And the Word of God spoken by us is creative, just like when God created the earth with His spoken Word. When God says we can move a mountain with our spoken word, He means a physical mountain. We do not have to help Him out and say it was only symbolic.

For years when people asked me how I was, I responded, “I am blessed!” Sometimes I was crying so hard on the inside but I would grit my teeth and respond the same, “I am blessed!” Some people got annoyed with my answer. But I never gave up. Now God’s Word is manifesting in my life. I feel I am going from blessing to blessing. If you follow the Messiah as I do, the blessings will overtake you. Why? Because God is no respecter of persons.

Remember my “lectures on the supernatural”? Thousands of Jews throughout the world have attended and been saved. I rent a hotel meeting room and invite unsaved Jews to attend. The “carrot” is miracles. I advertise that many are healed at these meetings. Jewish people are hungry for the supernatural, and when they see miracles they are receptive to the Gospel. Most stand up and make public professions of faith.

Ten testimonies of Jewish 
believers in Yeshua
help Jewish families find
their Messiah.

Now I have the opportunity to guest host TBN’s flagship show, Praise the Lord, live all over the world on August 20, 2012. My guests move in extraordinary miracles. I am urging believers worldwide to invite their unsaved Jewish friends and all their unsaved friends to watch. I will call it “A Night of Miracles.” I hope to pack the studio audience with unsaved Jewish people. But the viewing audience potentially could result in more Jewish people saved in one night than ever before in history! Please let TBN know you are in favor of this broadcast so I can do this more often! Money could not buy what TBN has graciously given me! We have just mailed out our one millionth Jewish evangelistic book to the one millionth Jewish household in North America as part of Project 77. The TBN station manager in New York City found out about our evangelistic book and got five for her unsaved Jewish friends. So far two have accepted the Lord! The St. Louis Jewish Light, a traditional Jewish newspaper, just printed a long article about Project 77. Although it was negative, they included my testimony, told about the evangelistic book and explained my ministry. This was a million dollars of free Jewish advertising! They even directed people to our website!

Next I spoke for the national conference of the Messianic Jewish Alliance. Jewish believers from all over the world were in attendance. A large group of teens flew in from Israel. Over 50 people got instant healings in their seats. I expect reports to pour in of major healings as people follow up with their doctors. What a privilege to equip these Jewish believers to naturally walk in the supernatural! I called my message, How To Be Normal! At the end of my talk, the audience went wild with excitement as a well-known Messianic singer took off his leg brace, set aside his crutches and began running around the auditorium.

This was the highest miracle anointing I have ever experienced. One trusted intercessor saw a band of fire behind me and Glory touching people throughout the audience. As I taught revelation on the love of God, people experienced breakthroughs in the Spirit and received deep inner healing.

Above: Sid with Executive Producer Warren Marcus in our new studio.

Now I want to make available to you the DVD of my message. I believe as you hear my prayer on this DVD entitled How to Be Normal!, the same “Breakthrough” angels will minister to you, give you revelation, and bring healing to many of you. It is my heart’s desire for you to be “normal” as defined by the Bible. It is my heart’s desire to mentor you with this very unique DVD that captured an amazing moment in history. How to be Normal! (DVD) is available here.

Thank you for your trust, your financial support and your prayers. Thank you for feasting on our mentoring tools and being normal!

Shalom and Love,
Sid Israel Roth

Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright ©1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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