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Dennis Cramer
May 10-16, 2010

Proven prophet Dennis Cramer shares ten prophetic words he has received for 2010.
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Prophetic Word for 2010 For All Believers Worldwide

By Dennis Cramer

In the order of their importance, here are some prophetic words the Lord gave me for all Believers for 2010. Let me emphasize these words are for ALL Believers everywhere—worldwide.

1. OBEY!
As each Believer begins or continues to OBEY God, the devil will experience frustration and failure in his attempt to delay and destroy the will of God upon the earth. Simple obedience will produce incredible spiritual victories. The devil has no strategy that can successfully stop any Believer who is operating in obedience. Obedience is the KEY word for 2010. To obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen to God is better than to offer religious sacrifice. Amen. Everyone obey God!

As each Believer walks in obedience, God will begin to share even more prophetic secrets with them through the prophets for 2010. This will be a year where the prophets increase in their spiritual capacity to receive and release more SECRETS to the Church. This is what Amos meant when he said in Chapter 3, verse 7, "The Lord God does nothing (of any spiritual significance) without first revealing his SECRETS to his servants the prophets."

2010 prophets will be dealing in more high level secrets than ever before. Individuals, conferences, churches, states, regions, and even nations will have SECRETS revealed to the prophets for them. A new and even more deadly level of revelation will come to the prophets. These SECRETS will equip the Church for its role in the earth for 2010 and beyond. The Church will not be pushed around anymore. Watch out!

As each Believer walks in obedience, all negative "hearing" FILTERS—blockages, hindrances, and restrictions that affect our hearing the voice of God—will be removed. Perfect Prophetic Perception (hearing) is being restored to the Church. She will begin to hear more clearly again and act more decisively again on the word of the Lord. A spirit of deafness is coming off the Bride. She will declare, "I can hear again!"

4. HONOR! It is the year to give honor. Churches need to increase the honor they show to their leaders. "Honor to whom honor is DUE," says the Lord. Each Believer must do something to honor a servant of God who has blessed his life. Even if it means going back 30 years to bless or honor someone who blessed you. In 2010 each Believer will remove the debt of HONOR they owe another—debt free for 2010. "Owe no man a debt of honor….pay up," says the Lord!

I strongly encourage all Believers to honor or bless any minister who has helped you in your spiritual life. But don't honor them to get something more or something new; just honor, bless, or give to them for who they are and what they have already done for you in the past.

5. WISDOM! The wisdom of God is going to be heard and seen in and through the Church as never before. It is time for the Church to fully realize what Ephesians 3:10 says, "It is God's intention that right now the manifold WISDOM of God be made known in and through the all the heavenly and demonic principalities and powers."

The Church (worldwide) will be the happening place to hear and receive God's wisdom for your life for 2010. God will unveil His wisdom in and through the Church. Demons will tremble and angels will applaud as all hear the wisdom of God spoken and demonstrated in and through the Church. The Church will be the place to be for 2010 and the hotspot to hear what God has in store for the earth. People will begin to say, "You heard it here first…in the Church!" Amen.

Apostles and Prophets will begin to unleash a barrage of prophetic creative declarations over the Church. These will not be sermons or teachings, but anointed "now" creative declarations from Heaven, literal "awakening words." Their words will have a life-giving dimension—a literal "bring into being" creative dimension when they prophesy. Apostles and prophets will operate in and express more revelation in their ministries in 2010 than in the last 10 years combined. Awesome!

For 2010 we are to take the media back from the world. Any Christian ministry that has an opportunity to get on the radio or TV needs to do it now!

8. FEAR! The Church needs to repent for the sin of fear. It is epidemic in the Church. We must all go from fearful to fearless. The devil has used fear as his number one strategy, and it has been working.

It is time for the Church to clean up her act. "The filthiness of the flesh AND OF THE SPIRIT…" will be eradicated from the Church.

10. DREAMS! 2010 will be a year where ALL Believers will see a dramatic increase in the number of spiritual dreams they experience. Seventy-five percent of them will be warnings. Take heed.

Denny Cramer
Dennis Cramer Ministries

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