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This Week's Guest
Patricia King
February 1-7, 2010
Patricia King had a 30 day visitation from the Holy Spirit, where she received revelation on the Glory. Now when she teaches others about this revelation, many experience healings, miracles, heavenly visitations, and more! Start learning how to experience the miraculous by watching this interview!

*To download the Real Player or Windows Player version of the broadcast, right click on the "Download" link and choose "save target as." Then choose the location where you will save the file and click "save." You may also download a free transcript of the interview. To watch an open-captioned version of the show go here (Windows Media Player only).

Offers from this Episode:

"The Glory School" Code: 126318-CD Set - The Glory School
This was offered for at a special price for a limited time. It is no longer available through our website. You may order The Glory School directly from Patricia King's website for the regular price of $125.

Order a copy of Patricia's TV interview with Sid Roth
Donation: $18 (U.S.) or more ($22 Canadian)
Order the DVD online (DVD538)


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