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January 17, 2010

"This is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. I will turn you around and drag you along. I will bring you from the far north and send you against the mountains of Israel. Then I will strike your bow from your left hand and make your arrows drop from your right hand. On the mountains of Israel you will fall, you and all your troops and the nations with you.’” Ezek 39: 1-4 (Ancient Meshech and Tubal are both known today as Turkey and include parts of southern Russia and Iran.)

VISION FOR ISRAEL SENDS AID TO HAITI: Vision for Israel, in response to Haiti’s earthquake disaster, has already sent desperately needed medical equipment and supplies with the Israel Emergency Medical teams. Your support in the past is now allowing us to be a blessing to crisis stricken people in Haiti as well as in Israel. We need to send more critical provisions to this devastated region, including first aid materials and medical equipment … and we need your help. Please give generously today! For online donations, visit us at or

ISRAELIS RACE TO SAVE LIVES IN HAITI: Within eight hours of its arrival last Friday, the Israeli team running the largest field hospital in Haiti had treated scores of patients. It was the only medical facility on the quake-stricken island with a functioning operating theater, which carried out three procedures on its first day. Team members also unloaded dozens of truckloads of medical and logistical equipment sent from Israel within hours. Some 220 IDF soldiers and officers are in the delegation, including 120 medical personnel. Another planeload of supplies and equipment will soon be sent out to restock the facility. Working around the clock, Israelis in Haiti are treating 500 patients a day. One Israeli unit, deployed at a collapsed multi-story university building, managed to extricate eight students from the rubble over the weekend - underlining the conviction among the Israeli rescue teams that it is not too late to save lives. (DEBKA/J.Post) “…all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." Gen 12:3

ISRAELI AMBASSADOR REPORTS FROM HAITI: Amos Radian, Israel's ambassador to the neighboring Dominican Republic, arrived in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday and began sending reports back to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. He related horrors "the likes of which I have never seen in my life….Thousands of people are sitting in the middle of the street afraid to enter the buildings. The city is destroyed. You see corpses lying alongside every street corner. People are wandering aimlessly. It's a very difficult sight…. I passed a poor residential area, and you could see that the entire mountainside turned into an avalanche and every last home was destroyed." Radian spoke to an American rescue worker who said, "There’s no water, no food, no fuel, and no central government to bring order. Hospitals are in ruins....Local government is nonexistent." Media reports confirm the National Palace collapsed, as did the parliament building, office buildings, schools, and churches. It is feared that more than 100,000 people may have died in the tragedy, with hundreds of thousands more wounded, missing, and/or trapped under collapsed buildings. The Haitian Red Cross has run out of body bags. (J.Post)

ISRAEL DUE FOR A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE BUT ILL PREPARED: The magnitude of the earthquake that struck Port au Prince was 7.0 on the Richter scale. In Israel the last destructive earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter scale, occurred in 1927, resulting in 500 deaths and injuries to 700. An earthquake in 1837 killed 5,000 people. On the average, a destructive earthquake takes place in Israel once every 80 years, causing serious casualties and damage. Experts agree Israel is overdue for a major earthquake but also unprepared for the crisis. Billions of shekels are invested in the defense budget, but reinforcing hospitals or schools so they can withstand quakes receives no allotment. The danger of a powerful earthquake is no less than that of a nuclear disaster. (Ha’aretz) Pray for Israel’s government to make greater preparation for earthquakes that have a history of reoccurring locally.  

BARAK ARRIVES IN TURKEY IN AN EFFORT TO MEND TIES: Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak met Turkey's foreign minister on Sunday in an effort to repair ties between the allies that have been further strained this month by a diplomatic row in which Israel was forced to apologize for its treatment of the Turkish ambassador. Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon publicly dressed down Turkish ambassador Oguz Celikkol over a controversial Turkish TV series that is blatantly antisemitic. Muslim-majority Turkey has been a close military ally of Israel since 1996, but relations between the two countries have deteriorated in the wake of Israel's defensive war in Gaza last year which Turkey vehemently criticized. (Ha’aretz) Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has repeatedly slammed Israel over its policies towards Palestinians although Gaza Strip Palestinians have for years rained projectiles on Israel’s Negev communities. Last year, there were three to four rocket attacks daily, or roughly one every six to eight hours. Palestinian rocket attacks have caused loss of life, destruction of property and a constant flow of stress-filled interruptions in the daily lives of Israelis, young and old, in targeted areas.   

TURKISH ISRAELI RELATIONS FAST ERODING: Under Turkish PM Erdogan, Ankara's foreign policy is driven by Islamic solidarity. A country that was once directed by Western-oriented secularists is now under the sway of his AKP, a Muslim religious party. Vigorous support for Hamas, Iran and Hizbullah is the order of the day. Last week, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon summoned the Turkish ambassador to Israel to protest Turkey's continuing scapegoating of the Jewish state. In an episode of "The Valley of the Wolves," Turkish television portrayed Israeli agents as blood-thirsty baby-snatchers who abduct Muslim children. "Wolves" and "Separation" before it - IDF soldiers as sociopathic child-killers - are products of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation which is overseen by a prominent AKP figure. Erdogan seems intent on torpedoing Israel-Turkish ties. (Jerusalem Post/Daily Alert) Prime Minister, Erdogan, said of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009, "There is no doubt he is our friend." Turkey, while 99% Muslim, for decades maintained a secular government. Its powerful secular establishment, which includes generals, judges and university professors for years fought against extremist religious trends in the government. However, several of Turkey’s increasingly empowered political leaders, including Prime Minister Erdogan, have strong Islamist agendas.

ISRAELI TRAVEL TO TURKEY DROPPED 44% IN 2009: Forty-four percent fewer Israelis traveled to Turkey in 2009 than in 2008. Diplomatic or political fallouts like the one that took place last week are a main reason for decreasing numbers of Israeli visits to Turkey. In 2008, some 560,000 Israelis visited Turkey. In 2009, the number dropped to a little over 300,000. One official said on Thursday, "The statements made, particularly by those on the Turkish side, have a clear influence on tourism numbers. (J.Post)


  Blessings from Jerusalem,

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff


As international speakers and messengers of the Good News through music, Barry and Batya Segal are at the forefront of what God is doing in the present day nation of Israel. With strong ties in both the nations and Jerusalem, the Segals are weaving the deepest roots of our biblical heritage together with the fresh Spirit-filled worship of today to create their rich harmony of Scripture and song.

The Segals have a vast vision for God's purposes in the nations and to the people of Israel. In fact, their longing to help rebuild Israel both spiritually and physically inspired them to pioneer the non-profit charity organization, Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse. This arm of their ministry focuses on assisting the poor and needy, widows and orphans, and reaching out to the new Jewish immigrants coming into the land of Israel. Vision 's most challenging project to date is "The Joseph StorehouseŽ", humanitarian aid center, located in the hills of Jerusalem. The Joseph Storehouse functions as a channel of blessing to all of Israel, Jewish and Arab, through the gathering and distribution of emergency medical supplies, food, clothing, and other basic life necessities. USA office contact info: Vision for Israel, PO Box 7743, Charlotte NC 28241, 866-351-0075. The Segal's web site is


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