The Unjust Judge

by Steven Brooks

Jesus tells us in Luke chapter 18 that we should always pray and not lose heart. We live in a day of crisis situations where many of God’s people have been overwhelmed with discouragement brought on by problems and perplexing situations. Failing to pray in such an hour will only lead to disillusion and inescapable stress. There is a place that can be attained through prayer where deliverance is brought forth and peace is sustained within the heart. God will answer our prayers, but we must be willing to bow our knees and pray. So many believers will do anything and everything under the sun except pray. But fervent heartfelt prayer will carry one over into the realm of God’s miraculous miracle working power. 

In the parable of the unjust judge, Jesus reveals to us the determination and the unrelenting efforts of a widow woman who would not give up until she was righteously vindicated by the judge. This woman pushed the situation constantly before the judge. The judge was taking his sweet time dealing with the situation. He was in no rush and had no personal interest in the woman’s case. In his eyes, she was just another case number like all the others. However, the judge soon noticed the woman’s tenacity and her unwillingness to take a softer approach. This woman meant business. She was on a mission and she absolutely refused to be denied. In response to this woman’s doggedness, the judge said within himself;

"Though I do not fear God nor regard man, yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me" (Luke 18:5).

Jesus uses this parable to teach us to be persistent in prayer. Jesus was not trying to identify God as an unrighteous judge, but rather as a God who responds to consistent, burning prayer. Our approach should not be to wear God out until He is so frustrated with us that He responds with an answer in disdain just to get rid of us. That’s not the picture Jesus was trying to convey. Jesus uses this story as a parable to teach the value of strong, persistent prayer that is put forth until God moves as a result of our fervent petitions. This often involves praying more than just once, or longer than a few minutes. This type of praying engages us in a commitment that occupies our attention and priorities.

In my walk with the Lord I have discovered that this type of prayer is not only effective, but that it is greatly effective. It reminds us very distinctly of the similar and beautiful statement mentioned of the great grace that rested upon the early church.   

"And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all" (Acts 4:33).

This is not just regular grace, this is identified as being called great grace. This is God’s ability to not only answer prayer, but to do it in a way that is absolutely amazing. This type of praying must be revived in our lives. You don’t have to wait on a revival. Start your own personal revival within your own life. The key to any revival that has ever happened or ever will happen is prayer. This can be accomplished individually for personal spiritual awakening, or it can be done corporately producing a firestorm of glorious results. The early church knew that prayer was the only way to sustain a move of God’s Spirit. This great grace is coming again upon God’s people to consume them with a genuine burden to pray until a divine release from Heaven is issued upon their behalf.  

A move of God’s Spirit is about to break upon this nation that will eclipse Azusa Street, the 50’s Healing Revival, the Jesus Movement, and the Charismatic Movement, and all other known movements. We are desperately overdue an outpouring of God’s Spirit. A deluge is coming in which the Former and Latter rain will both fall at the same time. What we are about to experience is an overwhelming drenching of the rain of God’s Spirit that will accomplish more in a few months than what has been accomplished in the past few decades.  

As fervent prayer is combined with great grace, we will see results of prayers answered in the most remarkable ways. Press in now. Lean in to God now, with all your heart. Imitate the persistency of the widow woman. She had no influence in the natural. She was not rich and did not have an elite social position. But she refused to be denied and was publicly vindicated. God is waiting to hear your petitions - it’s time to pray.

Richest Blessings,
Steven Brooks

Steven Brooks

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