An Appearance By the Archangel Michael

By Kathie Walters

Kathie Walters and Sid Roth ministered at a conference in North Carolina in mid July. The following is Kathie's report from the Saturday night meeting where Sid spoke.

This is the vision I had Saturday night when Sid was speaking -- I had a glimpse of an angel with some blue on him.* But behind him I suddenly saw the biggest angel I have ever seen. He was golden and he had huge wings. This is first time I have seen an angel with wings like that. I almost got off my seat and under the chair. It was the Archangel Michael.

Each God-appointed ministry or church has an angel who is appointed over it. There are other angels involved in that work of course but there is one who will be appointed over it and the other angels work in the ministry under the main angel. These angels are different from the ones who are appointed to minister to us personally. 

There had been a lot of interference in the Spirit in the meeting and a wrestling. I know that intercessors were praying all over on Saturday night, and they didn't even know what they were praying for. When I saw Michael, then I realized why the strong spiritual resistance to Sid.
As I saw Michael suddenly come, I knew in my spirit that God was calling Sid to signs and wonders in Israel. During the daytime the Lord kept saying to me: "The Jews require a sign and they will have signs, and many healings and miracles." The Messiah, Yeshua, the Deliverer, the Healer, and the restorer, the forgiver of sins, will demonstrate His power in Israel in signs and wonders.
Kathie Walters

*Gary Oates was also at the meeting and also saw the first angel. This angel was wearing a white garment with a blue sash and walked with Sid during most of the meeting. Gary saw the angel place a gold crown with jewels on Sid's head. He felt that the crown represented an increase in authority in the spiritual realm and that the blue banner represented an increase in revelation Sid was to receive.


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