January 2008 Email Update

Video Update from Sid

We finished 2007 debt-free, thanks to your generosity and obedience!
I consider that to be miraculous for a mass media ministry that does not fundraise on television.

I hope you enjoy the video update above, including a look back at the first TV show I recorded back in 1980 -- fifteen years before we started It's Supernatural! How things have changed!

Shalom and Love,


Defense and Diplomacy by Sarah Ann Haves (from Israel)

Western WallThis week, there was a knock at my door. An Israeli youth was there to collect my gas mask. He said the government was updating thousands of gas masks which never got used during the second Gulf War.

Recently, the government distributed leaflets to the general public that described what to do in the event of a future missile war. Israeli military officials are talking more publicly about the probability of a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip to knock out terrorists, missiles, rocket launchers, and underground tunnels used for smuggling weapons, money, drugs, and human trafficking. They are also preparing for a possible confrontation with Iran. Contrary to the recent American National Intelligence Estimate report, Israel believes that Iran is still trying to obtain a nuclear weapon that would threaten the existence of the Jewish state.  Israel is taking no chances, and therefore, the government's defense budget has been increased to secure the Home Front, as well as to purchase new weapons for the IDF's military arsenal. Read more.

Prayers and Needs
Life After DeathNeeds:
Pray for a larger building for our administrative office and for our own TV studio. 

Pray for a smooth transition to new computer software for our database and inventory.

Go here for more prayer needs.

"I just wanted you to know that I have been witnessing and praying for my Jewish best friend for 7 years.  It was not until I sent her Sid Roth's book, They Thought for Themselves, that she claimed  her eyes were 'opened' and she 'saw clearly' who the Messiah is. She gave her heart to Yeshua yesterday, and I cannot completely articulate my feelings of utter joy and elation. Praise God for your work." — C.S.

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