Nuggets of Gold, Part 2

by Lonnie Lane

Following is the second series of clips taken from notes for Sid's interviews with some of our radio and TV guests. You may wish to go to the archives and listen or watch the shows on the website if these words whet your appetite for more of the revelations they are sharing.  Be blessed and strengthened as you read them. May you have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church today through many different people.

David Cordeau:  We have power over the spirits of death but we have to know we have it. When I get a word I don't evaluate it, I just do it or deliver it. The Word says we speak the Word of God in faith believing, ministering angels will show up. I expect them. Cancer is a spirit. We have to cast out the spirit of cancer along with the spirit of death. If we don't take our authority the devil will take it. We have His power and authority over the spirit of death. There's really only one Healer. His name is Jesus.

David Herzog:  Jesus moved in the prophetic realm. When a prophecy is spoken, believe it! What He said, believe it!  The first ingredient is glory - it's in the invisible. Glory comes through worship. Once you're in the glory realm you can speak healing into being. Speak to limbs to grow out and things to be recreated. The presence or glory of God is not an emotion that only the sensitive feel. It's an actual substance, like electricity and atoms that you can't see but exist. John G. Lake prayed for people dying all over town from a disease without getting sick. He wore no protective clothing as others did. Scientist asked him about it. He told them to put the virus that was killing people under the microscope. As they did he stretched out his hand in the same way he prayed for the sick with miraculous results. Under the lens they saw the energy and light or what we call the power of God begin to obliterate the virus coming from his hands to destroy the sickness. Knowing these things helps you pray with much greater faith and authority for creative miracles.

Delores Winder:   Medical science acknowledges that much physical sickness comes from spiritual sickness. If a person tells a lie, certain glandular secretions are released and in time this can make a person sick. When resentment, bitterness, and other harmful emotional feelings get down in what are like valleys inside, we often think, "This will pass and I'll forget it."  But this is a dangerous assumption; it only means it's exiled to our subconscious where a little scab forms over it and seals it, but it will always be there, festering, until we repent or forgive. Jesus wants to pull the scab away and clean out the valley and allow the Holy Spirit to fill it with His goodness.

Jeff Hurlbert:  How much of Jesus do you want?  There's something new happening. The courtship is now. The Bride is being prepared. We feel an unquenchable thirst for Him. Once the atmosphere is clear (of hindrances) you can feel that raw, clear desire for him. The Key of David is intimacy with Jesus. There's a fire burning within you, according to the level that you want, He wants us to give others a blessing of first love, calling people back to their first love who aren't there today. 

Joan Hunter:  The church hasn't been taught forgiveness in a correct way.  When we forgive someone, we aren't saying we forgive the sin.  If it is sin, it is wrong.  We are forgiving the person and asking God to take that sin from the person and place it on the cross so they will be separated from the sin.  We are forgiving the person, not the sin. God forgives us as people but he doesn't forgive the actual sin.  The wages of sin is death. If we ourselves have sinned, we are asking God to take the sin from us and put it on the cross.

John Mark Pool: You have to die to self to become the person God wants you to be. Dying can be a good thing!  I believe it's time for transparency. Where you spend eternity depends on the choices you make on this earth.

John McTernan:  The legacy goes back all the way to Presidents that blessed the Jews.  You could say the Zionist movement was spawned in the church in America.  The turning point would be with Pres. Bush Sr. in 1991, when the US became the major force to divide the Land of Israel.  From that day forward as we have pressured Israel, awesome disasters have happened to America including Hurricane Katrina.... There's a dichotomy in America today. We are politically going against God's word, plan and agenda, which is in high gear. He wants to restore the people to the land and America is leading the charge to divide the Land. Dividing Gaza came from the pressure America put on them. We have the presidency on one hand with the power of the State department and we have huge numbers of American Christians that are pro-Israel on the other. Many will stand vocally with Israel and the Jewish people.

John Paul Jackson:  We're content to feel somewhat alive when God's Spirit touches us. In this incredible life in God we live in a primary level. In those levels are visitations and translations, trances, and Dreams. What God wants to happen is He wants the Spirit in us to reach out and touch others - so they feel who we are because His spirit flows through us without us having to say it.  The Spiritual man in you knows all things, because the Holy Spirit is in you, flowing through you, and you have become one with Him. We have settled for far too little in our Christian walk. There are such wonderful things in the realm of God. In our dreams He gives us something only the Spirit can interpret it and give action to. 

Joshua Mills:  Praise changes the atmosphere. There's a difference between praise - acknowledging God for what He's done, or is doing, and worship, which is acknowledging Him for who He is. We praise Him for the miracles and it changes our outlook and the circumstances around our lives. Move into worship that will sustain and maintain that realm.

People have this idea that worship has to be professional. It's not something we do when we're listening to a CD, but worship is what I do because it's what I am. He wants it to be what we live.  Everything we do is a praise unto Him. How we speak to and treat others is a praise. It's not just about songs and making music. He's seeking those who worship in truth. He's separating between those who worship and those who won't. There is a separation coming between those who will worship and those who will not. Darkness is getting darker, and Glory brighter.

Juennine Fox:  No matter what it is, if it's God, if you obey Him there will be a release of the anointing. That's why the prophets of old were so quick to obey God. The key to your victory is obeying God. As we allow the Holy Spirit to work, we're people who are led by the Spirit, having the fruit of the spirit. Preparation means cooperating with God with what He's doing in your life each and every day.

Kathie Walters:  Religious spirits try to get you to change what you can't change. Striving and trying will take you out of the Spirit. Striving is the opposite of the Holy Spirit as He's a Spirit of rest.  Striving is the major religious spirit in America. Jesus has done a good work in you and He's going to perform it until the day of Jesus. Churches know little about Grace. You don't have to try and fret and carry on, trying to perform, please people, and get people to do something. He's going to present you blameless with great joy before your Father. Only He can do that. If you could see His face you'd never strive or struggle again. You don't have to. All you have to do is yield to the anointing. The less you do the more He'll do.  More will happen when you quit. Just sit at the feet of Jesus for a while and look at Him.

Larry Huch:  His Word, including His Law, is to lead us and guide us. Not to bind us up but to set us free so we can be blessed. "You shall not steal" because we could never steal as much as our Father in Heaven wants to give us. It's not bondage but freedom to be blessed by the hand of God. Legalism is a curse; God's Word is a blessing. Paul said that Torah is not to save us, but to show us what we're doing wrong so we can do what's right and be blessed by God.  Trying to earn your salvation will always bring a curse on you. Where we get confused is misunderstanding the word "law".  In Greek there is only one word for law, nomos. It means legalism. It implies a list of ways we make God angry.  It points to our failures.  But in Hebrew, the word law, which is contained in Torah, is to show how to hit the mark. It is not to show us where we miss, but where we hit the mark. It's not to point out where we fail but how to be successful.  Love one another is a new law.  Is Torah bad? Should we do away with it? God forbid! It's not legalism to point us to our failures, but God's love to put us on the path so we can hit the mark and win the prize. Greek law is about restriction, but Hebrew law is about direction.  

Larry Randolph:  The Spirit is attracted to authenticity. That's the whole premise for the anointing.  There is a sadness in seeing believers listening to tapes and reading books but who don't listen to God on their own, find their own mannerism, style and gifting. We are to respect great men and women of God, but we must respect also that God has called each of us uniquely. If we don't become what we're called to be, that part of God's nature and destiny won't materialize. It's impossible to imitate that. We must hold in balance the tension of receiving from other people's gifting and still be who we're called to be, and stretch forward to our own destiny. That's the pivotal point of the shift (that God is bringing.) We're going back to what God's made us to be. 

Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda:  Revival people are ambassadors of God' heavenly realm, soaked in the shekinah. They exude His glory.  When revival people walk into a room filled with people, there is something different, an evident inner spark of God in them. When they speak, the sound in their voice cries "Holy!"  Revival people welcome the cleansing fire of God and succumb to its effect. They pick up signs and wonders and transmit them to others.  They carry the lightening power of God. Power comes with obedience to the Father. Being led by the Spirit is central to the lifestyle of Revival people. We carry that environment and establish it around ourselves in spite of the culture of the world where we are.

Michael Hinson:  People take their heart from God when they feel He didn't come through or a prayer wasn't answered the way they thought it should be or they have been going through a long trial.  When we first gave our hearts to God, we didn't have to do anything to earn His love and yet as believers we try to do things (reading the Bible more, praying more, etc) to earn His love.  Those things are good to enhance our knowing Him better, but it doesn't earn His love.  

Michael Zeitler:  It's important to understanding that Constantine and the Council of Nicea in 300 AD proposed that it was illegal according to Roman law for Jewish and Gentile believers to gather together in their homes to celebrate the feasts of God. Prior to that it was done regularly from Acts forward.  The Christians have been robbed. The Roman Empire is long since gone, and yet all the belief that the feasts and Sabbath are just for the Jews to participate in have been accepted over the years. The church has come to believe the feasts have no pertinence at all for this day and age. It's not so. It's not that you have to. But it's a time that God has appointed where you can meet with Him. He is honoring those who honor Him and His word. Wherever we teach how to celebrate the holidays, when people embrace it, God shows up powerfully and wonderfully.

Mike Shreve:  The big beef of New Agers is the idea that all religions are of the same God. I've tried to come to the basic reality that you can find some truth in all religions.  The idea of character development, love, peace, humility, you'll find are common in all religions. Even the sense of holiness and a separation from the world. But in the nature of God, the true nature of man, and of salvation there is such disagreement.  There's no way to put them together.  There is a great difference between truth being subjective and objective. You're not going to convince a New Ager unless you can convince them it's objective, the same for everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not. We can't have different truths. There is only one truth. Jesus said He is the truth. 

Patricia King:  How do we secure the blessings from the heavenly places into our daily life? The answer is faith - the connector. It is extremely important to know how to release your faith to experience heavenly glory.  If you see yourself as a sinner, you will sin. If you see yourself as righteous, you will live in righteousness. Feed the vision of truth into your heart. What you see or perceive is what you will do or be.  Faith sees according to God's perspective.

Ask God for deeper revelation of His glory.  He satisfies the hungry soul but hides revelation from those who don't desire it. Make a daily confession out loud of blessings over your life, marriage, children, friends, ministry team and church, etc.  Begin to confess the Word of God out loud on a regular basis and you will find yourself strengthened in truth and sensitive to the spirit realm.  Blessings will begin to come and overtake you.

Paul Hegstrom:  Your brain is created to respond to truth. Apply this to new believers.  When someone is born again, they begin to develop new brain receptors of info as they learn new information, new truths. At first the old cells fight with the new ones, but eventually the new ones become established diminishing the old thought patterns. This process takes at least three years.  We don't spend enough time with our new believers. This gives a whole new meaning to discipleship and renewing your mind with the Word of God.

Peggy Joyce Ruth:  Every evil known to man is covered in Psalm 91. Any evil will fall under one of four categories:
* Terror by night -  the evil through what a person can do to you; 
* Arrows - takes in all spiritual warfare, circumstances satan puts in our way, anger, rejections, insecurity, assignments of the enemy.
* Pestilence - sickness and diseases
* Destruction  - evils the world would call acts of God, which aren't acts of God. Things we have no control over: hurricanes, floods, tornados. 

If we dwell in the shelter of His shadow, they will not approach us.  No evil will befall us. It takes in protection for families as well. This is no magic wand. It is the Word of God. It's alive and active. It's not like the words in a dictionary or a novel. The Words in the Bible have life in them. It's literally Christ in the Word. When we put it to work, it works!

Peter Jackson:  Shame comes from feeling like you are bad, not good enough. We work to gain the favor of God and men. But that's not the Gospel. The Father's Love sets people free. Then we're living from approval instead of for approval.  From that revelation we have the authority to share the Father's love and acceptance with others. God honors us with His presence and revelation of His love for us. We then can do great works for Him out of our identity in Yeshua, not to try and be accepted. It's an overflow, not to try and fill ourselves up. When pain is inside we're driven to perform. When we know God is our daddy, we're free!

Peter Wyns:  If you are facing a desperate crisis and are crying out to God for help, first examine your life. If there is sin, confess it and repent. Turn away from the sin. Pray out loud, in an audible voice. Tell the Lord that you are sorry for your sin. Ask Him to forgive you and be sure to change your behavior.... There is a massive problem in the body of Messiah today. Many Christians have become disillusioned and derailed because they do not realize that their battle is not with people but with spiritual powers of wickedness. We need to move off the defensive and onto the offensive. It's time to get back into the fight. God is with you for good and not evil. Begin in the secret place of prayer. He will show you how to pray. He may bring you to desperate prayer. Let us supplicate and intercede with desperation for the lives of others so they will be rescued.

Rick Joyner:  Revival isn't just a sovereign move of God that He arbitrarily brings periodically, but rather it's something that we can have a part of bringing about by our prayers and humbling ourselves before God. Every new move of God seems to appear to be something even the Church questions as to whether it's of God or not.  The leader often seems to be reckless. God has a way of acting in some way that we don't expect of Him. How can we tell if what's going on is of God or not? How do we know when someone is a true messenger of God? Or when something going on is a true move of God? It seems like the abandonment to the Spirit causes someone to value what the Lord wants above what people think. These people involved in the Azusa Street Revival did not live within the present limits of their day. They went 'outside the box' to find God. Many would see that as rebellion. Real Revival takes courage and faith. Revival is not for the timid.   

Steve Hill:  God wants to test the depth of our passion for Him.  A great Puritan writer wrote:  "According to the weight of the burden that grieves you is the cry to God that comes from you."  When something is seriously troubling us, that's when we seriously go to God. Faith can be "a mile wide and an inch deep."  "Deep calls unto deep."   When a miracle does not come that we need, we find out how deep our longing is for it to happen by the depth of our passion for it to come to pass.  He may want us to invest more energy into bringing about the miracle. Some things are trivial and take little energy.  Are we covetous for His best? Then we will put energy into pursuing Him for His best. 

Steve Thompson: God wants to speak to people, not just about themselves but about others. Does God speak?  He created everything by the spoken word. Jesus is called The Word. The essence of God is that He's a communicator. So we are a people who hear His voice.  Scripturally it's impossible to be a Christian if you haven't heard from God. He's communicated truth to you somehow. Now if you go through Biblically to learn ways that God speaks, you can begin putting yourself in faith to ask God to speak to you for others. We can learn to hear from Him.

The primary way He speaks is the Word. Many begin to pray for one another and a verse comes to mind, Share it and through trial and error, see if it's timely and meaningful. You'll find out it may mean something to others.  The majority of believers actually see things when they pray for others. But they're embarrassed to say it. You just need an opportunity to begin to share with friends and associates.  Every believer is supernatural. 

Todd Bentley:  God is about to release an anointing for the Word that will divide between soul and spirit.  The anointing will bring Discernment of thought and intents of the heart.  We will look at someone and know what the intentions of their heart are, what their illnesses are.... Jesus' ministry: Forget the gifting for now. He's modeling it to everyone. The secret to how Jesus brought about ministry: He only did what He saw the Father doing - The Seer anointing. Don't base your expectations on a gift but on a revelation of the love God has for the Son.  I have faith in what Abba is doing because He loves the Son and I'm in Him. It's for everyone, all flesh. Sons and daughters..... 

When this tsunami of gifting explodes, the whole paradigm of church will change. He wants His church back!  The disciples gave witness of the resurrection. They didn't just talk about it as doctrine as we do. They did what they said. We give testimony but not evidence. There's going to be resurrection power in the earth. Cry out where you are. God, show up!!   

Tommy O'Dell:  The same miracles Jesus produced we will also have them. It's having access to the throne of God, being filled with the Spirit, having a connection, being right with the Father. It's available for every believer. Maybe at this time, when Gentile and Jewish Believers come together, that will produce an unlocking of the supernatural. Every believer will walk in the supernatural. Without that supernatural overflow how can the world be reached?  It's almost impossible to win someone in any religion without demonstration of proof. The reason we pray is He's risen. If He wasn't risen there's no point in praying. Faith is the key.  If you believe, all things are possible for you. When someone is healed, this proves that Jesus has risen from the dead.

Tony & Felicity Dale:  Christianity has been a "come" when Jesus told us to "go." We must be willing to cross the cultural divide and go into their culture, to the non-Christians.  Instead of bringing the new believer to you, go to them and establish the new church there.  We expect a non-believer to walk into a church to be saved.  We don't see Jesus telling people to meet him at the synagogue. He's in the market place saying, "The Kingdom of God is invading your space. It's come near to you."

We hope you've enjoyed reading these and were encouraged in what you are called to, and that your vision for what the Spirit is revealing to the churches today is enlarged. One last word of encouragement:  Go!       

Lonnie Lane

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Lonnie Lane comes from a family of four generations of Jewish believers, being the first one saved in 1975. Lonnie has been in church leadership for many years, and has planted two “one new man” house fellowships, one in Philadelphia suburbs and the other in Jacksonville, Florida, where she now lives near 6 of her 8 grandchildren. Lonnie is the author of “Because They Never Asked” and numerous articles on this website. She has been the Producer of Messianic Vision's radio and TV shows and the International Prayer Co-Coordinator for Messianic Vision's intercessors. Click Here to order Lonnie's book, "Because They Never Asked."

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