Nuggets of Gold, Part 1

by Lonnie Lane

It has been my privilege for more than a year to be the Producer of Sid's radio and TV shows. When Sid's producer of eighteen years, Janie DuVall, "retired," Sid asked me to step in. This meant sifting through many candidates for God's choice of guests and providing Sid with the notes from which he does the interviews, which as a writer came easily to me. During most of this time we searched for a producer who was familiar with all that this ministry represents and is anointed to do. With gratefulness for the opportunity to have been involved in producing the shows, I am now happily back in my God-ordained niche of writing what God is saying to me, rather than what God is saying through the guests.   

There is, however, one last thing I'd like to do regarding my role as producer and that is to share with you some nuggets of gold from some of our wonderful guests. Following are various clips from my notes. I hope you enjoy them and are strengthened by them as I have been. You may notice they are in alphabetical order according to first name because that's how I saved them in my computer, by first names, and no other reason. Because of space, this is part one of the collection of nuggets. Be blessed as you read.

These were taken from radio show notes, though most of these guests also did TV shows. If you are intrigued by these quotes, you may want to listen to their radio shows or watch their TV shows by going to the archives on the website.

Al Houghton: How we respond to people in failure determines what we get from the Lord.  God redeemed David's failure by completely transforming his heart which extended mercy throughout the remainder of his life. How many people have we viewed through their failure rather than their future? That means walking with the sinner as long as he/she is willing to change. It means restoring the broken person so they are in the place of receiving redemption so God can make them an example of His Redeeming love. The only way we qualify to take the covenant of 'sure mercy' and proclaim it to others is when we practice extending it to each other.

Ana Mendez Ferrell: The Lord has led us to have communion every day. The Lord started to unveil awesome revelation on the power of communion and how it's the major inheritance Jesus gave us. But we made it a memorial of who He was and have turned it into a ritual with no power. What do we need to do the works of God?  He talks about eating His flesh and drinking His blood as a way of having eternal life.  Eternal life is not life that doesn't die. It's the nature of the Life that is God Himself living in us. As we drink the blood, we are drinking of His eternal life in us and becoming more one with Him. What makes us operate in major glory is the more we become one with him. The difference between Christian philosophy and Christian reality is how much of His life operates in and through you.

Ben & Brenda Peters: Prophecy is not about how you speak, but about how you listen. Learn to listen to His voice. "My sheep hear My voice." It's an art that has to be learned. Paul said, "I wish that you all would prophesy." It should be normal Christianity. Prophesy and Words of knowledge reveal to people that God knows them and loves them.  It opens the hearts to receive the Lord. Prophesy leads to salvations over and over again.  Prophetic words most often precede miracles. It has to be spoken: "God is healing your foot. Lift your foot," is declaring what will happen. If we don't speak out prophetically the miracle is not likely to happen. Where there are no prophetic words spoken, there are almost no miracles happening. The same goes for salvations. Areas where there are little or no prophecies, have little or no miracles, and generally have almost no conversions.  The opposite is true: Where there is prophesy, there are miracles and where there are miracles, there are salvations. Could it be that we have few salvations because we are not obeying the Word to prophesy? 

Bill Johnson: Our assignment has never been what we can do for God but what God can do through us. That's the essence of the gospel. Do exactly what Jesus did and destroy the devil's works. To return to the original mission we must change our minds, the way we think. We must repent and renew our minds. The only way to consistently do Kingdom works is to view reality from God's perspective. The mind is actually a powerful instrument of the Spirit of God.  He made it to be the gate-keeper of Kingdom activity on earth. People who are out of sync with the mind of Messiah seldom get used, because their thoughts conflict with the mind of Messiah. Our minds are designed to be one of the most powerful tools in God's hands. That's why there's such an intense war being waged for your mind and your mental agreement. Your mind needs to be sanctified and yielded to the Holy Spirit. Renewing your mind begins with repentance. It brings a renewal, a reformation (re-formation) that affects our intellect, our emotions and every part of our lives. Without repentance we remain locked into carnal ways of thinking. Most people repent enough to be forgiven but not enough to see the Kingdom. Jesus never made the gospel a doctrinal exercise. Paul turned Ephesus up side down with a demonstration of power. Without power the gospel is not good news There's a difference in preaching in Jesus' name and preaching in power. In Paul's day, they were one and the same. He taught on the Kingdom and healed people. Ineffective preaching must stop!

Bill Ligon:  The Holy Spirit is restoring the verbal blessing to the church.  The church lost the verbal blessings when the priests said they were the only ones that could impart blessings (c. 325 AD). The people were not taught to bless, only to receive. The church substituted the blessing with "good works." They taught their children to be good.  Judaism lost the blood covenant with the destruction of the Temple, but they kept the blessings.  The Aaronic Benediction ends with "So they shall invoke My name on the sons of Israel, and then I will bless them." (Nu 6:27) When the blessing is presented, it is God who would do the Blessing. The patriarchs looked to the Lord to do the blessing. They said "The Lord bless you." They called out to God for Him to pour His blessing upon them.  There are so many stories about people whose lives changed when they started praying blessings over others, beginning with their family members.  

Bill Morford:  (translator of the Power New Testament)   The word Anohee is translated "I am"  It's an 'I am' with an attitude!  It means, I have absolutely determined, decided and purposed.  The first time it's used is in Genesis 15:1 where God says to Abraham "I am a shield for you... your reward will be great. Do not be afraid."  God has absolutely purposed to be a protection for Abraham. His reward will be great for not fearing and for accepting God's protection. [For those who commit to not fearing but accept that God is their protection, He is 'absolutely determined, decided and has purposed' to be their "exceedingly great reward." There are 26 verses where that word for "I am" is used. 1/3 of time He's saying "I am YHVH"or "I am Adonai" (the Lord). Meaning He gives a command and follows it with 'I am the Lord" indicating that He has absolutely determined, decided and has purposed that this is how it should be! 

Bruce Marchiano: (who played Jesus in the Matthew.)  We need to see Jesus as a new definition of masculinity. He is the living perfection of masculinity. There's so much written for men in Christian circles that says, be a man like David or Daniel but we don't consider that men should be like Jesus. We don't see Him as a man. Manhood is wrapped up in bizarre macho stuff, when the real hallmarks are confidence and calm. As a man I want to be free. The challenge is - it takes a confident man to be gentle and quiet and listen to what their women are really saying.... In the middle of it all though, when you know Jesus, joy flows out of a deep understanding that no matter what, you have the deep abiding, living knowledge that God is bigger and He'll turn it around completely for those who love Him. At the end of the day I stand before Him, tears wiped away.  Joy is based in an understanding of Who He is. And therein is the joy of joys that crushes everything this world throws at a person. 

Charles & Beryl Dixon:  God is showing us now He's beginning to take His anointing to the market place. We're at a place where God is allowing His gifts for those who will press in for the anointing. Signs and wonders are a strong tool to bring people closer to the Lord and get the unsaved saved. Not just in the church. Outside, in professional settings that maybe aren't connected with Christians - levels of politics and business. The future will be in the political arena again. In the past it was convenient for people in politics to say I'm a Christian without living the life style. But the prophetic anointing will require people to walk the talk.  (Good word for an election year.)

Charles Ndifon:   Charles saw Jesus standing in front of him, He stared straight into Jesus' face. He said, It was like seeing love walking.  Words can't describe it. But that tenderness that was in His eyes... They could see right through you. It was like standing naked before Him. You couldn't hide anything. He could see everything. He just looked at me and said, "Preach the gospel. Don't get caught up in doctrines. Tell of the good things I have done for them. I will be with you. No illness will be able to stand against you. No demons will be able to stand against you. If you can make people believe in Me and My word, nothing will be impossible. Preach the good news." I couldn't endure His presence. It was so powerful. I fell over like a dead man and then cried and cried for hours. The key is to simply believe. It's that simple. Believe and follow Yeshua. 

Christine Uwizera:  If the presence of God is strong in you, you must see sinners changed. If you are not changing them, they are unknowingly changing you. And you are not turning them away from the pits of hell.  At any cost, let's take them all to heaven with us. Jealousy and competition must not be among the fire carriers. Share all you have with everyone. Pass it on. You will find that what you give out will come back to you multiplied many times over....It is in seeking Him that you become the light of His presence.
Danny Steyne:  People worship trying to get into the presence of Jesus. But Jesus said to him, "Danny, the people don't know how to worship Me. Unless they believe I will bless them for worshipping, that I love to be with them as they worship, unless they come through faith, they will never experience My presence."....  When Jesus is coming back, He's not looking for a movement, glory, or the river. He's looking for faith. That's what it says. When Jesus returns will He find faith in the earth?  Our emphasis should be on learning how to touch God through faith. 

Diane Nutt:  When we get clear from the Word of God. It purifies our soul.  God's fire is a place of protection; it's not just a manifestation that he uses to purge and to destroy the wood, hay and stubble. It's also an embracing, a warmth that he just envelopes us in. He protects us from things that the enemy would throw at us.  The baptism of the Spirit enables you to walk with His protection around you.  Even though things might come against you, you feel this wall of fire around you that keeps you in peace and security in the midst of trouble and trials. (This too is a matter of apprehending the Lord this way by faith.)

Earthquake Kelley:  (Following is an account of what Jesus told Earthquake when He took him to heaven and sent him back with a message for the church.) "You must go back and tell the church of their sins. Tell them that the things they think are hidden are not hidden from Me.  You must go back and preach to sinners and tell them to repent of their sins."   Earthquake had heard the sounds of sorrow, of pain and despair. He has heard mothers wail in grief over the death of their child. But In all his life he never heard the sound of grief and sorrow like that of the Lord's voice as He spoke about the spiritual condition of those on earth. His voice reflected agony over the sins of His creation. "Go back and tell people that words have meaning....Warn my church not to fall for lies. They have taken the truth of God and turned it into lies.... Many in the church have secret sins.... They idolize themselves and the spirit behind it is the worship of self and the kingdom of darkness. Satan is behind it all."  Tell them that if they will repent I will clean away all of their shame and remove the guilt."

Faisal Malick:  (former Pakistani Muslim) There are only 2 types of Muslims. One is Ishmael which is the heart of most Muslims. Ishmael had a void in his heart from when he was abandoned by his father and left in the wilderness to die. It carried into his generations. And there is the heart of Esau. Esau's descendents rejoiced at the destruction of Israel much like the spirit of terrorism in Islam celebrates any destruction to their enemies today. The spirit of Esau is the spirit of terrorism today.  We must pray for the spirit of Esau to be crushed by the government of God. But today many Muslims with the heart of Ishmael are coming to the Lord. Muslims take their dreams seriously. Many are having dreams of Yeshua and coming to know Him. They are not the terrorists with the heart of Esau determined to kill. We must pray for the spirit of Esau to be crushed by the government of God.

Frances Hunter:  The best defense (against sickness and oppression) is to put the Word of God in our minds.

Gary Keesee:  Americans want the shortest time of training. But there are no short cuts in the Kingdom.  If we need or want something: a house, the fulfillment of a dream, it's going to cost.  In God's house there's unlimited potential and vision. The world's way is slow and draining. But the supernatural Holy Spirit enables you to think of things you never thought of before. The visions and dreams come by the Spirit. Without God, our destiny is hidden from us. But as we believe God, in the discovery process we find what's meant for us. As we tap into the special power of God He does it through giving us glimpses of where it's going to wind up. The wilderness experiences we may go through are to train us to depend on Him, not ourselves.  A God vision is always bigger than our minds can conceive of. With God, what He has for us is much bigger than we can ever imagine.

Graham Cooke:  Anxiety and truth cannot co-exist. We get to choose. Life in the spirit is about making choices. Why be anxious if I can trust? There's no such thing as frustration in the Kingdom of God.   It doesn't exist. It's a worldly construct. There's no word for it in the lexicon of heaven. If you say "I'm frustrated" what you should be saying is "I don't yet have enough patience." When you focus on a negative you're just not confessing the positive.  He's never frustrated. He had endless patience. Which will I practice? Why talk about being frustrated? In confessing it you open yourself up to all that construct.  I'm angry, I'm hurt. Suddenly you're into all that emotional state. Why would I go there when I go to the Father and ask for more patience and help, or greater peace or grace?  It might be a grace-growing-situation.

Stay tuned for Part 2.   

Lonnie Lane

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Lonnie Lane comes from a family of four generations of Jewish believers, being the first one saved in 1975. Lonnie has been in church leadership for many years, and has planted two “one new man” house fellowships, one in Philadelphia suburbs and the other in Jacksonville, Florida, where she now lives near 6 of her 8 grandchildren. Lonnie is the author of “Because They Never Asked” and numerous articles on this website. She has been the Producer of Messianic Vision's radio and TV shows and the International Prayer Co-Coordinator for Messianic Vision's intercessors. Click Here to order Lonnie's book, "Because They Never Asked."

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