Supernatural Moves of God

By Juennine Fox, Fullness Ministries

Juennine Fox had been ministering in Europe for seven years until God directed her  to return to the States. She had no sense of what she was to do and had no invitations to minister, other than one -- to be interviewed by Sid Roth for his radio and TV shows. By faith, she flew to the interview. Following is Juennine's account of what has taken place since. 

My heart is exploding with praise to God because of the mighty miracles we have been witnessing in our ministry since my radio show with Sid Roth and the television interview on "It's Supernatural".  This is truly the hour when God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh.  Waves of healing are flowing down upon the body of Messiah from the heavens.  Liquid glory is being manifest in every meeting as the cloud of God's presence passes by.  All those who hunger and thirst for the Living God are welcome to drink from the river of His delights. 

The glory of God is being released as a sound through worship when the eyes of our heart behold Him high and lifted up.   John, declared, "I heard a voice behind me".  John heard the sound that spoke prophetic revelation regarding the future.  The Father spoke to Jesus on the mount of transfiguration as a voice.  The voice was a sound that resounded the approval of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  As our hearts ascend into the glory realm through heartfelt worship, the sound of worship that we communicate back to the Father in total abandonment is releasing the voice of the Father's blessing into our lives.  The excellent glory is descending with a divine release of miracles, signs and wonders for all those who are in need of Heaven's healing touch.

The Lord performed so many awesome miracles in Hawaii!  A man who had a stroke one year prior was left totally paralysed and bound to a wheel chair.  He could not speak clearly but could only make sounds.  Over four hundred Korean's packed the church that night fully expecting a touch from God.  We began to worship the Lord and the glory of God filled the hall.   I prayed for this man in the wheelchair and the power of God was so strong on Him that he stayed under the power for almost an hour.  Two men later lifted him off the floor and praise God, he put His faith into action and noticed that he had strength in his legs to begin taking steps!  After a few minutes he was walking normally!  Heaven gave him new nerves and a new set of legs.  While he was exercising his faith walking, the string of his tongue was loosed and he began for the first time in a year to talk clearly and normally!  The audience went wild while witnessing this wonder and gave shouts of praise to the Lord! 

Children also heard the sound of heaven while we were worshiping.  Heaven beckoned them into worship and many came to us after our meetings with testimonies that they had openly seen and talked with Jesus.

There have been so many diseases healed as a result of this liquid rain of glory.  Diabetes, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, Cancer, paralysis, and all forms of arthritis just to name a few.  Jesus healed all those who came to him and healed all manner of sickness and disease.  In our meetings we are seeing ninety eight to one hundred percent healed.  It is rare that someone has left our miracle services sick who desired to receive divine healing.   The glory of His divine presence brings a release to our bodies, soul and spirit from all infirmity.  

I will never forget the meetings in Virginia where so many people were healed of diabetes.  Heaven's lightening bolts violently attacked diseases in sick bodies.  After the service some went home, checked their sugar levels and came back rejoicing that their sugar had gone down from around 198 to around 92.  One lady's polyps instantly disappeared off her neck.  This woman searched for them but could no longer find them.  She was scheduled to have them surgically removed the next day, but thank God the Lord intervened with a miracle!  "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty."

We need to witness more sovereign moves of the Spirit.  God desires to take back His pulpits and take full control of our services.  During a meeting in Richmond, Virginia God spoke to me one night, "Juennine, don't control me, let me loose."  The Spirit of God is crying out, "RELEASE ME!" For it's not by might,  nor by power, but by My Spirit", says the Lord.   God does not need our screaming, shouting, nor want to be manipulated by the arm of flesh.  We find ourselves in danger of curtailing the Holy Spirit's movement when we place boundaries on how long He can minister to us. 

Many times, we neglect to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and get stuck in traditional routines based on what once worked before.  However, if we fail to recognize that the cloud has moved on and we will be still wanting, stationed at the last place of encounter.  One evidence that we are following the leading of the Holy Spirit is when each and every service is diverse and people's needs are met.  God desires to move in unusual ways where we can no longer predict how our services will end. 

When God said to me, "Let me loose," I did not open my mouth until He gave me every word to say.  Then the Lord said, "Juennine, speak about the works of Holy Spirit."  As I gave testimony to what the Holy Spirit was doing in our ministry, the power of GOD, like bolts of lightning hit the auditorium!!  People began to scream uncontrollably!  Many fell out of their seats, floods of tears filled every eye as knees where bowed in reverence to the King.  His glory fell and everyone experienced resurrection power!  Many including the pastor were running around the auditorium faster than anyone in the natural could naturally run.  When the Holy Spirit comes upon you He will cause your feet to out run even the chariots.  This invasion from heaven to earth lasted the whole service!  By the end of the meeting, EVERYONE had been INSTANTANTLY HEALED, EMOTIONALLY RESTORED AND SET FREE by the Hand of God's glory!!  

I decided to place my altar there and build a doctrine on my new formula.  The next service I tried the same thing, but it didn't work!  God spoke again, "Juennine, there are no formulas".  I am releasing My church from a formula mentally and taking them into the promise land of being led by My Spirit every minute of the day.  In this, the true sons and daughters of faith shall be revealed."

The earth is groaning, even travailing.  There is a mighty shaking and a drastic shifting happening in the earth.  All of creation is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to take their rightful position of authority and manifest His power.  Each one of us are destined to manifest the continual release of glory that will usher in God's glorious Kingdom.

Des Moines, Iowa received a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God.  There was so much unity, hunger and desperation for a move of God which was like incense beckoning the Lord of glory.  As the Spirit of the Lord fell, young people ran to the altar and gave their lives to Jesus.   A young girl who was shy and in a need for a deeper walk with God fell under the power of God and was translated to Heaven.  She had a heavenly encounter with Jesus that changed her life.  Jesus showed her many things.  She got off the floor transformed with new insight of her divine purpose. 

There were so many healings that day.  A women with sever arthritis had fingers that were not only crooked but withered and turn inward.  However, as the glory of God fell upon her, her fingers straightened out in front of the congregation and she walked out of her wheelchair for the first time after being bound for many years. 

The pathway of revival is found dwelling in the secret places with God.  In realms of glory our Spirit makes divine connection with the Spirit of God.  It is in this place that we receive revelation of our divine call.  I believe this new wave of glory is enabling us to enter into a deeper level of intimacy and oneness with Messiah as well as our Fellowman.  The scripture says, "And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one."  John 7:22

Juennine FoxJuennine Fox is founder of Fullness Ministries

 Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright ?1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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