Receiving Your Assignment from the Lord

by Carol Bo* Howell, International Prayer Co-Coordinator

It was 1986.  I wondered why God was sending me to Israel at that very time, but I knew I had heard His voice. It was very clear, so I believed for the finances and made the necessary arrangements. At that time, I was a missionary to the Philippines and so did not know much about Israel except what I had read in the Bible. I do remember, however, that the Holy Spirit had led me to read Isaiah 40-66 almost daily for years.
Needless to say, there was great opposition to a single woman in her forties traveling alone on El Al Airlines, and in the Land of Israel as well. However, I found a hotel and set into prayer. The Lord led me to take some bus tours, and Jesus, Whom I later found out was called “Yeshua” in Hebrew, took me on a honeymoon-type trip through His Land. He lovingly pointed out the specific things and places He wanted to share with me. This, of course, is something He wants to do for every believer.
After interceding and traveling for a week (not without adversities, but cloaked with wonderful fellowship with Him), I arrived home again to receive a phone call from a friend saying, “You were praying for Sid Roth; he is leaving for Israel today.”  My reply: “Who is Sid Roth?”
Months later, I again received instructions from the Lord to go for a week to pray in Israel, and girded up my loins for battle again. After returning from this second battle, again my friend called and said, “You were praying for Sid Roth; he is leaving next week for Israel.” Now it seemed, it was time to find out about this man Sid Roth.
He was speaking in the Boston area and so I attended the meeting. Needless to say, right after that I went to Israel again, this time to help him lead a Shavuot conference in Jerusalem. It was the first time in centuries where born-again Jews were praying in tongues on Shavuot. I have been praying for Messianic Vision ever since. 
Why am I writing all this? I am hoping to encourage you all who read this article, and to inspire you to press in to the Lord and find out your clear and most important assignment in this very serious time.
We need to be where He wants, when He wants, and doing exactly what He wants to fulfill our part of His end-time plans and purposes. This can only be a result of time spent with Him, listening to His Voice and getting instructions from His Word by His Precious Holy Spirit.
If God could take me so clearly into a ministry I didn’t even know of, He may wish to lead you in a direction He has planned for you in this hour, especially concerning Messianic Vision, Israel and the Jewish people. You may have a whole new area of anointing and not realized it yet.
Here is an example from my life:  As you just read, I knew nothing about Israel or the Jews or Sid Roth. However, I ended up helping Sid start a Messianic Congregation in Brighton Beach, NY. Then, at one point, I was with my father, aged 93, and I asked him a question:  “Daddy, why am I so involved with Jews? Mom’s middle name was Lefforts, and Lefforts Boulevard is one of the biggest streets in Brooklyn. Do we have Jewish blood?”
My father, a graduate of Exeter and Yale, who had brought us up in a Yacht Club which did not welcome Jews, turned purple and said in a very loud voice, “We do NOT talk about that!” Quite excited, but worried about his health, I changed the subject. However, in a few minutes he turned red again and spouted, “And it is on your mother’s side as well!”
May I exhort you to ask the Lord if there are new directions for your life with Him, and if there are, may He clearly guide you into all truth.  As you probably know, Jeremiah 33:3 is His telephone number. You know He always answers that call.
In the meantime, please pray for Sid for clear direction for the ministry at this time where so many decisions must be made. Perhaps we could all agree on Isaiah 28:26 for Sid: “For He instructs him in right judgment, His God teaches him.”
We ask you, Lord, to strengthen Sid with Your great might by Your Spirit in his inner man, and may he hear Your voice so clearly in these days of change and elevation in the Spirit realm. 
Shalom and love to you.
   — Carol

*“Bo” in Hebrew means “Come” as in Rev. 22:17:  “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’”

Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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