Vision Concerning Jesus Returning to Earth

by Jyrki Manninen

The following vision was sent to us by a man who lives in Finland who calls himself "an ordinary Christian." He watches our It's Supernatural TV shows on his computer. We thought you might be encouraged by the vision.  

At first a couple of lines of myself. I am an ordinary man, a Christian middle-aged man and I have been a follower of Jesus Christ, my Lord, about 20 years now. I have a family and I am a businessman by profession. I live an ordinary life with my family. I have no special spiritual gifts or anything like that. I live in Finland, in Europe and this vision was given to me in November 2006.

This vision that The Lord let me see surprised me totally. It was a shock to me. It really stopped me and made me think about my relationship to Jesus again. This is the first time that The Lord my God let me see this kind of vision. This vision was shown to me as I was asleep at night.

I think that The Lord gave me this vision to encourage me. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour and King. My prayer is that as you are reading this vision, that your belief in Jesus would become stronger, if you already are a Christian. If you do not know Jesus personally yet, my prayer for you is that you would give your life to Jesus. That is the best and most important decision in your life. Make that decision today. Give your life to Jesus. Then you will be saved and your sins will be forgiven. And you will get to meet Jesus as He comes back to this earth again, in flesh, in His power and glory.    
*    *   *

I begin my testimony with the verse from the Bible, Acts 1:11 "Men of Galilee", they said, "why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven."
So, my vision is about the return of Jesus to this earth. The vision went like this:
I was walking in the street of my home town. It is day-time and the weather is cloudy. It is an ordinary day. People are walking in the street, cars are driving. As I am walking in the street, suddenly I feel that someone begins to lift me up. I am looking around me and I see no one near me. I am thinking at first to myself "Who's kidding with me now?" But I keep on raising to the air. Now I am about five meters from the ground in the air, above my home town street. Still full of confusion and totally surprised. 
Then I look up to the sky and I see there: Jesus! I see my Lord Jesus in the sky! Then the reality of the moment really hits me: This is it!  Lord Jesus has returned to the earth like it has been said in the Bible. It really happens NOW. Now I will be going to the real home, heaven, with other believers in Jesus. As I understand this, I am full of joy and relief. Suddenly I understand that all the pain, all the burdens of life, all the hard struggles as a believer in Jesus in this world, that all is behind me now! I am free! My feeling becomes lighter and lighter as I keep on raising up to the sky. I feel absolutely great and free, the feeling is very, very light..
I also see the face of Jesus in this vision very clearly as I am looking at Him. I am very pleased to see Him, my dear Jesus. How I have been longing to see Him! In this vision He has long light brown hair and a tidy light brown beard.  His hair has been prepared as for a celebration. His nose seems long and sharp. His face is quite round from forehead upwards and down from the cheeks His face seems to sharpen surprisingly strongly as it comes to the chin. He is wearing a white cloth. He has a very calm and peaceful look on His face, at the same time He is very firm and He seems to be looking that every believer in Jesus in this area is surely getting along to the air to meet Him. Believing in Jesus is the key to getting to meet Him. This is essential. When you personally believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord, you get to meet Him when He returns. 
This seeing the face of Jesus in the vision is linked to my earlier prayer. My life has not been easy this year. Not in my work, nor within my family. For example, we have had various sicknesses in our family lately. Once I was in great pain inside and having a hard struggle in my mind, I was asking from Jesus: "Dear Jesus. Your disciples saw You and knew You while You were on this earth. They saw You and it was easier to them to believe in You then. Dear Jesus, let me see Your face, so that I can believe in You. It would be much easier to believe in You if I could only see Your face. Please, Jesus, help me."  In this vision The Lord answered my earlier prayer request and The Lord let me see His face in this vision. Of course, I can not 100 per cent surely say, that The Lord Jesus looks like this. I saw Him like this in this vision and I can only believe like a child that He is looking like this.

As I am raising to the air, I see other believers in Jesus rising, too. We are hundreds of people from our home town raising up. Here, in the centre of the town, there - from the other side of the river, there - from the hillside, from the other part of our town - here we go, in the air, to meet Jesus! And there is no hurry. We rise to meet Jesus our Lord  in peace, slowly. Every believer in Jesus surely gets along. And our Lord Jesus has all the control of the situation.
As we begin to become closer to Jesus in the air, we all believers in Him raise our hands up and we begin to say His name with holy respect and joy at the same time. We all say: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! We are like an enormous choir now rising in the air repeating His name louder and louder our hands raised up at the same time. This is happening in this vision by the power of the Holy Spirit.
As this is happening we are very high already in the air close to Jesus, our beloved Lord, and coming to heaven with Him. In this moment, suddenly, we also begin to hear music. It sounds to me like the musical storage which has been in heaven, is suddenly opened to us. I cannot describe that music in words. It is so beautiful. Fantastic melodies. Crystal clear. Pure. Holy. It glorifies this Majestic moment when The King of Kings has returned to meet His beloved ones.  
Have you been listening to classical music like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven? Well, I tell you now that the music of these classical music legends of our time is nothing compared to this heavenly and holy music we are hearing now.
We are now close to heaven with Jesus our Lord, our hands raised up, repeating His name "Jesus" and the heavenly music playing around us. The former life of mine is gone, it has been wiped away. So it is with all of us servants of Jesus. We really are entering heaven now with Jesus! All the battles are over. I am so happy that I could cry tears of happiness and relief. This is so wonderful, the fulfilment of my life. We are now as angels in white clothes. The heavenly joy is within our hearts.
Then, suddenly, I am again above the street of my home town. It is the same situation as in the beginning of this vision. It is an ordinary and cloudy day. People are walking and cars are driving. I am about five meters above the street. Someone puts me down to the street very gently. Now my feet touch the street and I begin to walk the street again. A bit clumsy in the beginning, but then normally. I am back at the center of my home town and I am walking down the street. The vision ends here and I wake up in the middle of the night.  
I end my testimony with the verse from the Bible, Revelations 1:7 "Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen."

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