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Howard Morgan
Dr. Howard Morgan is an internationally renowned prophetic teacher whose insightful, humorous and anointed ministry is inspiring, empowering and equipping believers around the world. A Jewish believer in the Messiah Jesus since 1971, he planted and pastored churches in New York City from 1976 to 1987. Since 1987 he has been traveling in a full time prophetic and teaching ministry, establishing and overseeing churches and ministries, and pastoring pastors. He is a gifted communicator who is able to present Scriptural truths clearly and precisely, so that the principles of the Kingdom of God are plainly understood and easily applied. His ministry is often accompanied by clear demonstrations of the revelatory gifts of the Holy Spirit.

He is the founder and president of Howard Morgan Ministries (, his own teaching and equipping ministry, Kingdom Ministries International, which gives apostolic and prophetic oversight to a network of Churches and Ministries, and CEASE an international ministry inspiring and training Christians to Eradicate Anti-Semitism in the Earth.

He has an intense passion to see the entire Body of Christ come to spiritual maturity and unity, as well as a vision to see the Church restored to her Hebraic roots, and to her Biblical relationship and responsibility to the Jewish people. Dr. Morgan has a B.A. in Psychology from Hunter College, an M.A. in Counseling from New York University, and a Doctorate in Ministry from Logos Graduate School.

Please Allow Me to Introduce You to Jesus

by Dr. Howard MorganI have found that the Divine artist who conceived and created all the pleasures of the natural world, and mankind with the sensational ability to enjoy those pleasures, is a lover, who, like all lovers, desires to be freely loved in return. He desires that those He loves reciprocate that love freely and willingly, not because they feel forced to. A love relationship is not created by feelings of guilt for not attending religious services. Saying memorized but lifeless prayers is not pleasing to God. Neither is obeying little understood commandments or traditions because of fear of community censure, parental scorn or eternal damnation.

Love is birthed and grows in a mutually shared relationship; an ongoing giving and receiving of oneself and one's affection. This dynamic of "love" that all people need so deeply, is also a reflection of the nature and personality of the One who created mankind with the ability to give, and the need for, mutually shared love and affection. Without love, life shrivels up into an abyss of darkness, depression, despair, and ultimately death. When children are deprived of love, they grow up to be haters of themselves and everyone else. When adults are deprived of love, they turn against everyone and then ultimately against themselves. But when love comes into your life, everything changes; darkness to light, depression to joy, despair to hope, and death to life.

Ultimately the issue of God and His reality in your life boils down to this issue of love. Do you want the power of God's love in your life or do you want to live apart from that power and that love? No religion, church, synagogue, mosque, tradition, holy book, person or ritual can give you that love or that power. There is only one way for you to experience God's love and power in your life. This life changing experience begins when you are willing to ask for and be open to a revelation of it.

You can have the greatest sex life, or all the money, fame or power in the world, but that will not bring you all that you were created for. You were created for more than natural pleasures. You were created to experience the untold pleasures of a personal relationship with the Divine pleasure giver.

I want to share with you a spiritual secret that completely revolutionized my life. "Revelation is the key to entering into a personal relationship with God. Prayer is the key to revelation, and Jesus the Messiah is the key to answered prayer"!

You might ask why Jesus, and not Buddha, Mohammed, Moses or some other ancient or modern spiritual teacher. The answer is based on believing the writings of the ancient Prophets recorded in the Old Testament, and the eyewitness accounts of the writers of the New Testament. Those prophets clearly showed hundreds of years beforehand, how we would be able to recognize the true Messiah when he would come. The New Testament writings teach you how you can personally experience the love and power of God through what the Messiah did when He came to earth.

The prophets wrote that the Messiah would:

1) Be born of a virgin. The book of Isaiah, chapter 7 verse 14.

2) Be born in Bethlehem. The book of Micah, chapter 5 verse 2.

3) Be the incarnation of God. That means that the Messiah would be God in human form. The book of Isaiah, chapter 9 verse 6.

4) He would live a sinless life. The book of Isaiah, chapter 53.

5) He would die as an atonement for our sins. This means that He would take our sins onto His own body so that our sins would no longer separate us from God. The book of Isaiah, chapter 53.

6) He would rise from the dead. The book of Isaiah, chapter 53, and the book of Psalms, chapter 16 verse 10.

7) He would send the Holy Spirit to be our helper and guide for all the affairs of our life. The book of Joel, chapter 2 verse 28.

The writers of the New Testament present to you the fact that God's message about Jesus will absolutely change your life, if you open your heart to believe it. The message of the New Testament is very simple. It is this. Jesus, who is the creator, came to earth in the form of a man to show us what God is really like. He taught that sin has separated us from a personal, intimate relationship with God. He explained that sin was not just doing wrong things, but that it is a spiritual power that separates us from God and abandons us to our own devices to meet our own needs. He taught us that He, the true Son of God, Messiah and Savior, would die in our place. He would take our sins upon his body while on the cross, and through his death he would not only forgive our sins but also break the power of sin over our life.

He taught that because He rose again from the dead, we could join Him in the power of His resurrected life. He explained that the only way for you to personally experience this love and power, is by opening your heart to believe in Him and His words. This is all it will take for you to experience the reality of God. This is the simplicity of the spiritual dynamic that will change your life. If you open your heart to receive the Lord Jesus, He will take away your sins and break the power of sin over your life. In very practical terms, this means that all of the negative emotional, psychological, and physical dynamics in your life will no longer control you. As you join your life to Jesus, He will share with you his great love, wisdom, and power. As you allow His life to mix with your life, you will grow into greater and greater levels of personal freedom, love and joy. You will in fact come to know and experience the personal peace and power that only Jesus can give.

Why will he do this? Simply because God Loves You and wants to share His life with you. Only when you personally experience this love will you be able to understand it. It is not an intellectual understanding but a deeply personal experience. If you will sincerely pray and ask God to reveal to you His reality and the truth of these facts about Jesus, I know that He will give you personal revelation that will convince you of the truth of this message. You will come to understand that when Jesus died and rose again, He did it for you. He did it so that the spiritual powers that work against you can be broken. He did it so that you could share in the same relationship with God that He has. He did it so that you can share in His spiritual wealth, not only in Heaven, but here on Earth as well.

This new life is what Jesus called being "born from above" (this is also referred to as being "born-again," read in the New Testament the gospel of John chapter 3). This new life is wonderful. It is not religion or just going to church (although you will find yourself really enjoying churches that are filled with God's love and power). It is simply entering into a personal relationship with God. God will adopt you and truly be your Heavenly Father. He will show you how much He genuinely loves you and wants to be a good "Daddy" to you. He will lead you, guide you, provide for you, and answer your prayers. You will find new desires filling your heart and mind. God will give you a desire to read the Bible, because you will find within its pages wonderful treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and power for living.

The greatest thing you can ever do, is to enter into a personal relationship with God. Not only will He give you personal power to succeed in all areas of your life, He will also impart to you His great peace and love. He will fill your life with great joy. He will increase the quality of your life in so many ways that I cannot even begin to describe them.

Perhaps you have never prayed before, but you desire to experience the love and power of God in your life. If the following prayer expresses the desires of your heart, then all you have to do is sincerely say it to God. Remember He is a lover. He loves you and only wants to know if you really desire to come into a relationship with Him. That is all He is looking for. If you are willing to turn from your sins, that is to say repent of your sins then any and all problems you might have are irrelevant. Any "sins" you may have committed are also irrelevant. They do not matter to God. He has provided a way to erase the sins of your past (through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus) and to give you power to live a life in harmony with Him. All you have to do is sincerely want to know Him and be willing to turn away from your sins and turn toward God. He will give you the power to overcome all the problems and difficulties in your life.

You can enter into your new life with the Lord by praying this prayer:

"My Heavenly Father, I want to know you and enter into a personal relationship with you. I want to experience your love and power in my life. I want to be a person who experiences your pleasures and gives you pleasure in return. Please give me a revelation of your reality in my life. Show me the truth about Jesus, so that I might understand that believing in Him and receiving Him into my heart and life, takes away my sins, gives me the great gift of the Holy Spirit, and brings me into this personal relationship with you. I want to receive your love and power into my life, so I open my heart and I open my life to you."
If you have prayed this prayer and want to grow in your new relationship with God, begin to read the Bible. God will speak to you through its pages. Don't concern yourself with things you don't yet understand. As you grow in the knowledge of God all of your questions will be answered. Find a church where there are true believers (not just church go-ers) and there you will find new friends to encourage, teach and help you. You can find out if they are true believers by asking this one simple question. "Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?" If they look at you funny or give an unsure answer, then they have not been born again themselves. Anyone who has been truly born again will always answer that question with a very enthusiastic and confident YES!

My testimony, and the testimony of millions of others through the ages is that Life with Jesus is wonderful. Open your heart to a personal relationship with Jesus. My hearts desire is that you will take advantage of this opportunity.....You will never be the same!


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