John G. Lake's Teaching on the Tangible Spirit of God

by Linda Josef


Rev. John G. Lake is thought to have had the greatest healing ministry of our age. He reportedly raised several people from the dead, cast out demons, and ministered healing to people with cancer, missing eyes, and every imaginable kind of disorder.

John Lake was a wealthy businessman when he heard the call of God. Eventually, he sold all of his possessions, took his wife and 7 children, and moved to South Africa where he served as a missionary for several years. His ministry was characterized by dramatic and powerful healings that gave a mighty witness to the Spirit of God.

After returning from Africa, Dr. Lake set up Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington and Portland, Oregon, where over 100,000 people were documented to have been healed. The Spokane Healing Rooms, which were closed at Dr. Lake's death more than 80 years ago, have recently been revived by Cal Pierce. The Portland Healing Ministry is being re-opened by Rev. Curry Blake.

There is also renewed interest in Dr. Lake's teachings, which cover every area of healing. Dr. Lake taught that any Christian should be able to heal the sick, saying, "All that is needed, is for the person let the tangible Spirit of God flow through them into the sick person."

Dr. Lake goes on to say, "The Spirit of God is just as tangible as electricity is. You handle it, you minister it to another, you receive it from God through faith and prayer, your person becomes supercharged with it. The old apostle (Paul) took handkerchiefs or aprons, and held them in his hands until the handkerchiefs or aprons were supercharged with the Spirit of God. Then they were sent to the sick, the sick were healed and the demons were cast out of them. Acts 19:12

"It is one of the most difficult things in all the world for people who are not familiar with the ministry of healing to comprehend that the Spirit of God is tangible, actual, a living quantity, just as real as electricity, just as real as any other native force. Yes, and a good deal more so.

"If we could make the world understand the pregnant vitality of the Spirit of God, men would discover that healing is ... a perfectly scientific application of God's Spirit to man's needs."

John Lake had a remarkable ministry. His legacy includes not only his books and writings, but also a foundation of thought that has played an important role in the growing presence of divine healing in our world. He helps us understand that even ordinary believers can consecrate themselves to God and learn to minister the gifts of healing. You can learn more about him by clicking on the link to Curry Blake's website,

All quotes excerpted from The John G. Lake Sermons on Dominion Over Demons, Disease and Death, edited by Gordon Lindsay


Linda Josef is a Christian psychologist who is working on a book about supernatural healing with Messianic Vision. The book should be available in the next few months. If you have a story of healing that you would like to share, or wish to ask questions or make comments, you can write to Linda at



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