Spending Christmas with Yeshua by Sue Towne


One of the best Christmas Day’s I ever experienced I spent virtually alone.

It happened years ago, before my now-teenage son was born. By some fluke, my husband and I had nowhere special to go on Christmas Day. We had partied at the relatives’ house the night before, and the out-of-town relatives’ party was coming on the weekend.

So on Christmas Day we had breakfast at a local coffee shop (owned by Christians who wanted to minister to the community on Christmas Day). And then we enjoyed the unseasonably warm 60 degree temperatures outside.

It was the most peaceful and the most enjoyable Christmas I can remember. I knew the Lord in those days, but I did not have the depth of walk with Him then that I have now. Even so, I sensed on that Christmas Day that I was experiencing the heart of the Prince of Peace. It was like a sabbath.

This year I probably have the opposite kind of Christmas Day ahead of me. This year for the first time in many years, the family Christmas celebration is at my house.

Those of you who know me personally know that I am “challenged” when it comes to housekeeping issues. So I have been working literally since late October to get the house ready—cleaning windows, draperies, carpets, furniture, etc.

I ask myself, “Where is the Prince of Peace in all this?” I do sense Him renewing my heart daily as I step aside from the “to-do” list and sit at His feet. I do enjoy His grace strengthening me to get the things done I am not enjoying doing.

But I wonder: what enjoyment does Yeshua get from our Christmas celebrations? Do you ever think about that?

I am not sensing His pleasure this year in my dogged preparations. Why am I doing all this? To make other people happy? To meet their expectations?

And what does God do on Christmas Day? Sometimes I think that Christmas Day might be the loneliest day of the year for Yeshua.

In the midst of our celebrating what is supposed to be His day, how little do we include Him! On Christmas Day for many of us our focus is on the people we have gathered with, on the food we are eating and the on presents we are giving and receiving.

Let’s do something different this year. Let’s make a special effort to be “present” to Yeshua on Christmas Day, and to include Him in what we’re doing.

Do you understand what I mean by that? It’s like turning to Him within your heart in the midst of activity and giving Him a smile. It’s letting Him work alongside you as you serve others—at His party! Are you getting the idea?

You know, this is how we are supposed to be living everyday anyway. But it’s a real art to be mastered. I believe that this is the way Yeshua Himself lived with the Father while He was here on earth.

I know that some of you probably long for a holiday gathering to attend on Christmas Day. You are going to be by yourself this year. But think of this aloneness as an opportunity to give yourself in a special way to Him who has given everything to have you.

Think about spending the day with Yeshua in a conscious way. What freedom to be able to converse with Him aloud throughout the day without anyone questioning your sanity! How precious to be able to take a quiet walk with Him and admire His handiwork outdoors. There’s beauty everywhere around us, even in winter.

What a precious gift of love this would be to Him who is Love.

Father, I am asking for all those who read this column or who pray for this ministry on a regular basis, that You would remind us on December 25 to be present to Yeshua, no matter what we are doing. And Abba, please show us the divine appointments, the special opportunities to share with family and friends on that day the Blessed Hope to which we have been called.

Thank You.


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