"An Exhortation for Messianic Vision and Others"

by Sue Towne


This week I have been spending time in prayer especially for Messianic Vision. Those of you who get our monthly newsletter to intercessors may have read the lead article in the December issue, which is a call for 7 days of “Intensive Prayer” for Messianic Vision during the month of December.

Today during my special prayer time two pictures and some accompanying words came to me as an impression, “for Messianic Vision and others.” So I want to share them with you briefly as an encouragement. Perhaps many of you are getting impressions of similar meaning as to the times we are approaching.

As I was praying in the spirit, I saw a huge brass pendulum, swinging as if within a huge clock case. The pendulum was even closer than “in my face.” It seemed to be coming from the outside of me into my very heart.

As pendulums go, this one was not swinging frantically or ominously. It was just swinging quietly and steadily. As I watched it, I heard these words in my heart:

“What you see is the pendulum of a ‘Father’s clock,’ not a grandfather’s clock. It is Father’s timepiece for the Endtimes. I want you to understand that time is moving, that Endtime events are closer each day. See this as a reality of God’s timing, like taking a step closer to Heaven each day.

“Special times and special seasons are in the hands of God to release when He will. I release them to you now—to know the times and the seasons upon which you embark. Time is winding down for the earth and for the world. My ‘system’—My Kingdom—is about to invade the earth in power, and nothing will stand in its way….”

Then the picture I was seeing changed. I was no longer seeing a pendulum, but instead a giant figure of the Lord of Hosts, dressed for battle in red, with His robe billowing out like a tent. Many people, who seemed the size of baby chicks in comparison to Him, began to run to Him to take shelter under His outstretched robe. He began to say this:

“Come to Me all ye who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. I am standing on the horizon like a giant figure dressed in red, dressed for war. And before the great battle begins, I invite you [in a plural sense] to come shelter under My robe for safety.”

What I am struck by as I retell this is that He was standing afar off, but His figure was huge. He was not surrounded by any of his hosts or armies. It was “Yeshua alone”--but He was enormous. Those who wanted shelter from Him needed to hear His invitation for these times and to respond to it by running to Him. He is the only true shelter.

Of course we all know that in our heads. Yet we in the US still tend to trust in our personal “chariots and horses” to get us out of jams and crises. There is coming a time when most of us will no longer have that option. Our credit cards won’t get us out of it. Our technology won’t protect us enough. All the things in the flesh that we rely on to get us “through the night” will fail us utterly.

Then we will find out what we really believe and how strong or (weak) our faith really is.

Lord, strengthen us now for that time. Help us not to waste our trials by taking the easy way out. But instead, may we be seen by Heaven as those who truly do walk by faith and not by sight. May our “faith muscles” grow and mature in You.



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