"Praying in Agreement"

By Sue Towne


Events around us are becoming increasingly serious. This is a time for us to be praying in agreement--agreement with God. But what do we do when the prophets of God don't seem to be in agreement about some particular matter? The Lord has given us His written Word and has set gifts of prophecy into His Body in order to speak a word in due season. Yet even the best of us see as through a glass darkly. When someone with a history of accuracy speaks a word, I stop to consider it, judge it against the written Word of God, and then weigh it against what I believe the Lord is telling me. I also weigh it against what others in the Body are hearing.

When I find a pattern of similar words coming from several credible sources, I pay more attention--even if it does not agree with what I'm receiving. Maybe they're hearing more accurately than me. Or maybe they're wrong. At such times I turn to the Lord and wait for some signal. If I hear nothing, I don't just dismiss it as false. I "shelve" that prophecy because I might later see how it fits. Or, I may never see more because He is not assigning me that matter for prayer anyway! If He does confirm the word and directs me, I can then pray with confidence that I am praying in agreement with God. Hallelujah!


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