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April 22, 2013

“For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.” Rom 8:22

ISRAEL SET TO CARRY OUT MILITARY OPERATIONS AGAINST SYRIAN REBELS: Tension is rising on the Israel-Syria cease-fire line on the Golan Heights and Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu says he's ready to launch military operation to prevent the weakening Damascus regime's chemical and other advanced weapons falling into Islamist hands. Israeli officials say the Jewish state's northern border is more tense than at any time since the cease-fire that ended the Yom Kippur War in October 1973. Small arms fire, rockets and mortar shells launched from Syria, most probably by advancing rebel forces, continue to hit the western sector of the Golan Heights. The situation has worsened in recent days as the beleaguered regime of Syrian President Assad has pulled back large numbers of troops from the Golan to increase forces holding the capital against a widening rebel offensive. Rebel forces have moved to expand a push against the city from the south. These are mainly jihadist fighters of the Nusra Front, who are allied to al-Qaida and have vowed to "liberate" Jerusalem from Israeli control. Israelis see the main threat to them as the jihadists acquiring the regime's well-stocked arsenals of chemical weapons and advanced systems such as Russian-made Scud-B ballistic missiles. Netanyahu, speaking in London where he attended the funeral of former British PM Margaret Thatcher, said such weapons could be "game-changers" as far as Israel is concerned. He stressed that Israel doesn't want to become involved in the Syrian bloodbath but won't hesitate to strike if it feels threatened. Britain and France have both informed the UN there is credible evidence Syria has fired chemical weapons more than once in the past several months, according to senior UN-based diplomats. (UPI/Foreign Policy)

IDF CHIEF: ERA OF QUIET ON THE GOLAN BORDER IS ENDED: "The 40 years of quiet on the Golan Heights are over," said Israeli Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz this week. Gantz explained that in light of numerous recent cross-border attacks from forces participating in Syria's ongoing civil war, "we are preparing our borders in the north with advanced and tactical obstacles, but we are also aware that we can be attacked from the air." Israel's new minister of defense, Moshe Ya'alon, added that both Hamas and Hizbullah in Lebanon are preparing for war with Israel. "Hizbullah and Hamas have brought in tens of thousands of rockets of various types and are just waiting for the right circumstances to fire them at Israel," Ya'alon said. One of the signs that things are changing on the Golan - for decades Israel's quietest border - is the behavior of the UN forces stationed there since the Yom Kippur War as peace keepers. Following several assaults on UN personnel, the world body is ready to pull its people out, rather than do their job preventing a border flare-up. Meanwhile, Israel is preparing for the day after the fall of Syrian dictator Assad with the expected eruption of chaos and the likely withdrawal of the international force. This situation together with ongoing instability in Egypt means Israel is facing a strategic shift in the Middle East, and both Ya'alon and Gantz emphasized that Israel is preparing for the worst. (Israel Today) As tensions and pressures continue to build to a catastrophic breaking point in the Middle East, pray Israel’s leaders and citizens will be prepared and equipped to deal with possible coming scenarios on all of its borders and in major cities. Pray for G-d’s mercy to avert and immobilize enemy attempts to attack and cripple the Jewish state.

PM: ISRAEL’S RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE: Iran needs only 80 kilograms more of 20% enriched uranium before it can produce a nuclear bomb, PM Netanyahu told the BBC in an interview broadcast on Thursday. “It takes 250 kilos of 20% enriched uranium to manufacture a nuclear bomb. They [Iran] have gone up from 110 to 170 kilos,” Netanyahu said. He recalled the red line that he drew on a diagram of a bomb at the UN in September to symbolize the point of no return in Tehran’s nuclear drive. “They have sort of crept up, but not crossed it,” he said. The IDF has the right to safeguard its citizens should Iran cross that line, he said and added that the US has never questioned that right. “Israel’s right to defend its existence is not subject to a traffic light. We do not need anyone to give us the right to prevent a new holocaust,” he said He spoke as Reuters reported Iran had increased the number of advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges installed at its Natanz underground plant, despite tightening international sanctions aimed at stopping Tehran's nuclear progress. Technicians upgrading Iran's main uranium enrichment facility at Natanz have tripled their installations of high-tech IR-2m centrifuges that could be used in a nuclear weapons program to more than 600 in the last three months, diplomats said Wednesday. The new IR-2ms are believed to be able to enrich two to five times faster than the old machines. (J.Post)

US SENATE: AMERICA WILL BACK ISRAELI ATTACK ON IRAN: Members of the US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee have adopted "Senate Resolution 65," according to which the US will support Israel in case it is compelled to take military action and actualize its right to self defense in the face of an Iranian threat. The resolution stipulates Israel will enjoy Washington's diplomatic, economic and military aid. According to the resolution, the US's policy is to halt Iranian nuclear ambitions. Senate Resolution 65 has successfully gained the support of 70 of the 100 senators. In a statement issued by AIPAC it was noted that “The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has sent a very clear and enormously important message of solidarity with Israel against the Iranian nuclear threat—which endangers American, Israeli, and international security.” Meanwhile, the commander of Iran's military said Thursday that Israel is not capable of launching a military strike against Iran. Iranian Press TV quoted Maj.-Gen. Ataollah Salehi as saying the Israeli regime was too weak to challenge Iran militarily. (Ynet/J.Post) “The one who is feeble among them in that day shall be like David, and the house of David shall be like God, like the Angel of the Lord before them.” Zech 12: 8

ROCKETS STRIKE ISRAEL FROM GAZA: Two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip struck inside Israel after nightfall on Thursday, causing no damage or injury. Terrorists in Hamas-ruled Gaza have fired intermittently at Israel in the past month despite a ceasefire reached after an eight day conflict in November. Israel has vowed to prevent these shootings and often retaliates for rocket fire by bombing terrorist targets in Gaza. The attack came a day after rockets fired from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula struck the southern port city of Eilat. Islamist terrorists claimed responsibility for Wednesday's shooting, which highlighted concerns about rising friction along that border since Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's downfall in 2011. (Reuters)

ISRAEL’S EILAT HIT BY ROCKET ATTACK FROM EGYPT: Two rockets fired from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula struck Israel's Red Sea resort of Eilat on Wednesday. The two rockets slammed into the city of Eilat at about 9:00 a.m., one exploding in the back yard of a private home, the other landing in an open area. Although a number of people suffered severe anxiety and shock as a result of the attack, no one was physically injured and no property damage was reported. In a statement posted on its website, the Islamist terrorist group Magles Shoura al-Mujahddin said it had targeted Eilat with two Grad missiles and then withdrawn safely. “The rockets fired at Eilat were part of an ongoing war against Israel that will not stop,” warned Salafist Gaza cleric Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari, on Thursday. The Shoura Council of Jerusalem was not party to the truce agreements signed by the Gaza leadership, he said, and vowed to keep up the holy war, against Israel. Magles Shoura al-Mujahddin is linked to al-Qaeda. (Times of Israel/INN)

EILAT: CIVILIAN PLANES TO RECEIVE ANTI-MISSILE SYSTEMS: Israeli planes taking off from Eilat will be armed with anti-missile systems due to the threat of shoulder-carried anti-aircraft missiles that could be fired from the Sinai desert, Israel’s Channel 2 reported Thursday. The security establishment is aware that terrorists in Sinai have armed themselves with man-portable air-defense systems, or MANPADS. The initial thought was to intermittently close down the Eilat airport, but the decision finally reached was to arm planes taking off from the airport with anti-missile systems. These will be used on both domestic flights and international ones. A Salafist group, the Mujahddin Shoura Council, claimed responsibility for firing Grad missiles at Eilat Wednesday. The anti-missile system, Iron Dome, which has been placed near Eilat for precisely such moments, did not fire down the missiles for reasons that are not known. (INN) Continue to pray for the protection of Israel’s southern communities. Pray Iron Dome defense systems on all fronts will work flawlessly.

UAE BUSTS AL-QAEDA CELL OF SEVEN ARABS: Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have broken up an al-Qaeda cell comprising seven Arabs who were plotting attacks in the Gulf state, an official statement said on Thursday. The cell was "plotting acts that would have harmed the security of the country, its citizens and foreign residents," said the report carried by state news agency WAM. The group was also involved in "recruiting people" for al-Qaeda and providing the jihadist organization with "money and logistic support." It was also "trying to extend its activities to reach other countries in the region," the statement disclosed. The seven are of "Arab nationalities," and will be questioned and put on trial, UAE sources said. (Arutz-7)

BOSTON SUSPECT’S WEB PAGE VENERATES ISLAM: Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev posted links to Islamic websites on his page on a Russian language social networking site. His "World View" is listed as "Islam" and his "Personal Priority" is "career and money." He has posted links to videos of fighters in the Syrian civil war and to Islamic web pages with titles like "Salamworld, my religion is Islam." CNN sources disclosed Thursday the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing are brothers from Chechnya. The suspect who is still at large has been identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. His brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was shot in a gunfight with police and pronounced dead late Thursday. (YNet)

Blessings from Jerusalem,

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