Jew, Messianic Jew, One New Man

by Sid Roth

Recently I was asked about descendants of the twelve tribes and why we call them Jews. Then I was asked why Jews who become Christians are called Messianic Jews.

Historically the inhabitants of the Northern Kingdom of Israel were called Israelites and the Southern inhabitants were called Jews. However, today we call all physical descendants of Abraham and converts Jews. In order to be a Jewish citizen of Israel, a Jew must prove their mother is Jewish. Although there was much intermarriage over the centuries, God has managed to maintain His Jewish people. Many have Jewish ancestry but due to much intermarriage are not considered physical Jews. Israel considers proof of a Jewish mother to establish Jewishness but the Torah considers either father or mother. The rabbis were not positive of who the father was because of infidelity but always could prove the mother. Shortly the best proof will be DNA evidence. For instance my DNA goes back to the tribe of Judah.

       A Brit Mila (circumcision) gathering, an important family event.          

In order to understand your second question you must understand the history of the Messianic Jewish movement.  When I was a brand new Jewish believer in the early 70's, the movement was called Hebrew Christian.  Many of us wanted to disassociate with the word Christian. We knew we were Christians based on the true meaning of the word. However by usage the word meant back then and even today as defined by the Christian as well as the Jewish community as no longer Jewish. We refused to be called no longer Jewish. God went to a lot of trouble to maintain us as a distinct people for a distinct end time purpose and we did not want to water it down. God said in Jeremiah 31:35,36 that as long as the world exists there will be physical Jews. To preserve us against impossible odds, God put an instinct within every physical Jew that says, "I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew." When a Jew is presented the Gospel he must not have to go against his God given "instinct" to be saved! Why put unnecessary obstacles? From a spiritual view point there is no Jew and no Gentile, no male and no female. But from a physical viewpoint we still have Jews, Gentiles, males and females. In heaven there will be no need for physical distinctions but on earth we live in two realms. This is why we call ourselves Messianic Jews.

But about fifteen years ago God started speaking to me about the One New Man from Ephesians 2: 14-22. God moves in stages with humans. Without Messianic Judaism we could not move to the One New Man. Today we have a few One New Man Congregations. The true Church will eventually recognize that as we become closer to the first congregation of believers culturally and spiritually, and as more Jewish people are added to the Church it will release the full Glory of God. We will all do the same works as Jesus and even greater.  

Religious spirits are and will try to abort this movement. Some will feel we must observe these biblical feasts for salvation. Some believers will follow more rabbinical Judaism than New Covenant. Some will even convert to Traditional Judaism. Some will be more in love with Jewish roots than the Jewish Jesus! These are all the works of demons! But some will see the Glory of God that will be released when these Jesus shadow feasts are observed in freedom and truth! They will "want to" celebrate them as opposed to "have to" celebrate them!

If this is the case why are not all Messianic Jewish Congregations filled with the Glory of God? Few Messianic Jewish Congregations or Gentile Congregations have learned how to surrender to the Holy Spirit. But God is about to do something new. He needs a new vessel to contain the new Glory outpouring. I believe God will call this next move the One New Man. These One New Man Congregations and house churches will be so full of the Glory of God that Jews and Gentiles will be provoked to jealousy and be saved.
                     Yom Kippur in the synagogue.


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