Clarity on Jewish Roots and the Law

by Sid Roth

Many are confused about Jewish Roots and Messianic Judaism and Old Testament or the Law. I was one of a few Jewish believers that started one of the first Messianic Jewish Synagogues in North America. When we started there was a major move of God's Spirit being poured out on all people. Our small group was mostly Jewish and we found Jewish people were being saved every week. It was glorious!

Today the movement is not very evangelistic and has the same problems, warts and pimples as ALL denominations. But God started this modern day movement and is about to use it mightily! Why? Because He is about to have mercy on His Jewish people. Many are about to be saved before the world turns against the Jew.

Be very careful when you judge all Messianic Jews because some are in excess. God loves ALL of His Assemblies of Believers deeply and it is very dangerous to judge! If you are THE judge you can start by judging me! My whole life is but for one purpose and that is to hear God's voice and be obedient. I am not better or loved more because I am a physical Jew. God says there is no Jew, Gentile, male or female in the Spirit. But in the flesh there are males and females, Jews and Gentiles. And God has DIFFERENT callings for each. Different callings for a mother or father does not make one better or more loved by God than the other.

The very first believers in Jesus were all practicing Jews. The New Testament had not even been written. The ONLY bible they had was the Old Testament. By the way, I find all the truths of the New Testament in the Old Testament. In fact I can preach the full Gospel truth just from the Old Testament! I wish the Church today had the same power the first Church had when they only had the Old Testament!

                                       [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Shabbat_Candles.jpg
        Shabbat candles and kiddush cup.                                                       By Olaf.herfurth (Own work)

I also love how the Old Testament gives me a better understanding of the customs and culture of the first Believers. The more I understand the Old Testament the more I understand Jesus. You see He is the whole Word of God.

I do not judge a Believer that chooses to follow God in a traditional Christian way. In fact, I will enter in to the worship. Why should you judge a believer that worships in a biblical Jewish way the biblical feasts? I know the biblical feasts are not any more means of me being righteous than if I thought observing Christmas or Easter made me righteous!

Yes, I believe as the bible says, the feasts are rehearsals and great celebrations of the first coming and return of Jesus. Yes, I believe the first church celebrated these feasts and we will celebrate them in the millennium. Why was it necessary to stop during the church age? Do I believe we HAVE to celebrate them for salvation or righteousness? NO! Repentance and belief in Jesus plus NOTHING is all that is necessary for salvation. By the way, what ever happened to repentance? It has been hijacked, but that is a discussion for another day.

There are good answers for honest questions. My purpose is to know Jesus! If the Old Testament enhances this, and it does, why not?


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