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August 16, 2012

“He is the God who avenges me, who subdues nations under me, who saves me from my enemies. You exalted me above my foes; from violent men you rescued me. Therefore I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing the praises of your name.” Ps 18:47-49

SENIOR IRANIAN OFFICIALS CONTINUE TO THREATEN ISRAEL WITH DESTRUCTION: On Wednesday, Gen. Gholamreza Jalali, a former commander of the Revolutionary Guards, said in order to liberate Palestine there was no other option but to destroy the Jewish state. Calling on Muslims to rally, he expressed hope the Islamic world would be "strong against the Zionist threat." An Israeli government official responded to Jalali's comments by saying it was simply a "reaffirmation of what we continually hear from the Iranian leadership." The official assured the statement was "not an aberration," and that Israel was taking the Iranian threat very seriously. "We urge others to do the same," he said. "The Iranians use unequivocal language, and their words speak for themselves." The official advised it would be in the interest of Iran's leadership to rein in these comments to reduce present international pressure. He said the fact Iran's leaders continue to utter such remarks shows the degree to which they actually believe them. Also on Wednesday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expressed his hopes Israel will "disappear from the landscape." (J.Post)

ISRAEL WARNS OF MONTH-LONG WAR AFTER POSSIBLE IRAN HIT: An Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program could trigger a blood-spattered month-long war on multiple fronts, killing hundreds of Israelis or more, the Israeli Cabinet's civil defense chief warned Wednesday. It was the most explicit assessment yet of how the government sees events unfolding in the aftermath of an Israeli strike. Matan Vilnai, who is stepping down as the "home front" Cabinet Minister to become Israel's ambassador to China, described the scenarios at a time of heightened debate about the Iranian nuclear threat. Vilnai assured that "the home front is ready as never before." Nonetheless, he said the country must be braced for heavy casualties in the case of conflict with Iran. Vilnai continued the government has prepared for the possibility of hundreds of rockets and missiles falling on Israeli population centers each day, with the expectation of 500 deaths or more. That is the situation we are preparing for according to the best experts," he said. "Assessments are for a war that will last 30 days on several fronts." (Fox) “Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear. Though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.” Ps 27: 3

TEL AVIV OKAYS 60 GARAGES TO BE USED AS BOMB SHELTERS: Parking garages are not full-on bomb shelters but a stopgap for Tel Aviv residents who don't have shelters. The Tel Aviv municipality said Wednesday that 60 garages, covering 850,000 square meters of territory, were approved to be used as bomb shelters for some 800,000 people in the case of a missile attack on the home front. The municipality devised this solution out of concern for residents stuck without access to a shelter or safe room at or near their home. By Wednesday afternoon, the municipality’s website had uploaded a map of the city showing the location of the garages. (J.Post)

EGYPT’S CHRISTIANS CRITICIZE ISLAMIST CABINET: Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has sworn in a new cabinet, giving leading roles to Islamists and military bureaucrats and only token representation to Christians. The cabinet appointments came one day after a Muslim mob attacked Christians in a village near Cairo, prompting the entire Christian community to flee their homes. Christians are increasingly worried the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group aims to Islamize the country. Bishop Pachomius, the interim head of the Coptic Church, called the lack of Christian representation “unjust” and refused to congratulate Egypt’s PM Hesham Qandil on the formation of the new cabinet. Christians represent 14% of Egypt's 82 million people and should therefore hold four cabinet posts. However, the only Christian appointee was Nadia Zukhari as the Minister of Scientific Research, which is viewed as a “semi-ministry” position. Moreover, Zukhari is one of only two women in the new cabinet. (Charisma News) Pray Christians in Egypt will be equipped with faith, courage and scripture to face growing persecution. Their country has all but lost control to an Islamist government – overnight. May believers there be protected from the brutal devices of terrorists and their sponsors.

SYRIAN DEATH TOLL RISES TO 23,000: Syrian rights organizations have released statistics stating that since the start of the uprising against Syrian president Bashar Assad more than 23,000 people have been killed. This includes 16,000 civilians. In the last two weeks alone, some 2,400 people perished as a result of the conflict. (INN)

PA RESPONDS TO ISRAEL’S GOOD WILL BY HONORING TERRORISTS: The Palestinian Authority, which claims it honors its Oslo Accords commitment to stamp out terror and incitement, is building a mausoleum in Ramallah to honor 11 terrorists who killed eight civilian hostages and three IDF soldiers in the 1975 attack on Tel Aviv’s Savoy Hotel. Israel recently transferred their bodies to the PA as a "good will" measure. The city of Ramallah, headquarters of the Palestinian Authority, voted last week to honor the terrorists. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told Washington officials earlier this year the PA has ceased incitement and does not encourage terror, despite hundreds of documents that have exposed an escalation in incitement and terror in the school system and in official PA events. (PMW) “Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with destruction. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongue they speak deceit.” Ps 5:9

PA ELECTRIC COMPANY: THEFT IS DRIVING US BANKRUPT: The Palestinian Authority Electric Company has complained that theft is driving it bankrupt. The company owes the Israel Electric Company 423 million shekels (over a million dollars), largely due to unpaid bills from its customers. Electric Company officials have urged PA leaders to stop the theft and require those living in “refugee camp” neighborhoods to pay their bills. Workers are afraid to go into the notoriously violent “camp” neighborhoods to collect, they said. (Arutz-7)

Blessings from Israel 

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff 


As international speakers and messengers of the Good News through music, Barry and Batya Segal are at the forefront of what God is doing in the present day nation of Israel. With strong ties in both the nations and Jerusalem, the Segals are weaving the deepest roots of our biblical heritage together with the fresh Spirit-filled worship of today to create their rich harmony of Scripture and song.

The Segals have a vast vision for God's purposes in the nations and to the people of Israel. In fact, their longing to help rebuild Israel both spiritually and physically inspired them to pioneer the non-profit charity organization, Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse. This arm of their ministry focuses on assisting the poor and needy, widows and orphans, and reaching out to the new Jewish immigrants coming into the land of Israel. Vision 's most challenging project to date is "The Joseph StorehouseŽ", humanitarian aid center, located in the hills of Jerusalem. The Joseph Storehouse functions as a channel of blessing to all of Israel, Jewish and Arab, through the gathering and distribution of emergency medical supplies, food, clothing, and other basic life necessities. USA office contact info: Vision for Israel, PO Box 7743, Charlotte NC 28241, 866-351-0075. The Segal's web site is


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