Israel Update

June 18, 2012

“What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’” Mark 13:37

IRAN NOW REALIZING ASSAD IS FINISHED: IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai said Friday that Syria's allies Iran and the Hizbullah terrorist organization have a clear realization that Bashar Assad's rule is at an end. “Another week is almost over, during which the desperate effort by Iran and Hizbullah to help the Assad regime survive has been evident.” Mordechai stressed that Israel’s military is prepared for any scenario. Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Yair Naveh said last week that the Syrians who act with such brutality and violence toward their own people would do the same thing to Israel if they had the opportunity. Naveh reiterated that Syria has the largest store of chemical weapons in the world. (INN) As reported in last Thursday’s JOL update, any government replacing that of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad will be no more favorable to the Jewish state than Syria’s presently crumbling regime. Leading rebel officials have made it clear that should they seize control of the country, Israel will continue to be regarded as Syria's number one enemy. Israel’s military forces are ready for a possible violent backlash resulting from Syria’s political upheaval. Pray all of Israel’s government, military and intelligence leaders will remain on high alert and prepared to avert rouge missile strikes from Syria and the Lebanese-based Hizbullah terrorist organization.

The European Union has imposed a new round of sanctions against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. The ban started Sunday on exporting to Syria luxury items or “dual use” goods that could be used for internal repression. Some prime examples include caviar, shoes and clothing costing more than $750; gems and pearls, and cars costing more than $31,400. Also banned are gas masks and certain chemicals and toxins. The new round of sanctions has been designed to avoid affecting ordinary citizens. The EU already bans arms exports to Syria and oil imports from Syria. No one in the EU can invest in the Syrian petroleum industry, participate in the construction of new power plants, or supply equipment for Syria's gas industry. Brutality in Syria has continued despite a ceasefire brokered by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan. At least 20 people were killed in violence on Friday by regime forces as thousands protested across Syria. A day earlier at least 84 people died in clashes and bombings, 48 of them civilians. On Thursday, Amnesty International confirmed new reports of torture, executions, arson, and other actions by the government against Syrian citizens. (AP) “The violence of the wicked will drag them away, for they refuse to do what is right.” Prov 21: 7

MISSILE ATTACK ON TEL AVIV LIKELY TO FORCE EVACUATION: Colonel Adam Zusman, chief of the Home Front Command in Tel Aviv, said in a recent press interview that in case of a missile attack on the center of Israel - especially unconventional - the population from Tel Aviv and other cities will be evacuated and relocated in other areas of the country. The last time Tel Aviv was struck by projectiles was in 1991, when Saddam Hussein hit the metropolis with Scud missiles. Miraculously, no one was killed. Missiles landed north of Tel Aviv in the Second Lebanon War in 2006. If Israel is attacked again in a war, Zusman estimated that hundreds of projectiles will hit Tel Aviv and its nearby cities, resulting in hundreds of Israeli casualties. He added, however, that Israel’s defenses include some of the "most sophisticated" anti-aircraft system in the world, although there is no total protection. Hizbullah is estimated to possess more than 60,000 missiles, three times the number it had stockpiled before the Second Lebanon War. In addition, Hamas is known to have smuggled from Iranian and Syrian sources weapons that can strike Tel Aviv. (Arutz-7)

ISLAMIC REPUBLIC UNLIKELY TO ACCEPT WEST’S OFFER IN UPCOMING NUCLEAR TALKS: A former Iranian negotiator on Friday dismissed as "diamonds for peanuts" a proposal by world powers that Tehran halt higher-grade uranium enrichment and close an underground nuclear site in exchange for reactor fuel and civil aviation parts. Hossein Mousavian, now a visiting scholar at Princeton University in the US, said he did not believe Iran would accept the offer when the two sides hold a new round of discussions in Moscow on June 18-19. It will be the third meeting since diplomacy restarted in April after a 15-month hiatus. (Ha’aretz) Israel’s leaders maintain the Islamic Republic is simply stalling for time with no intent of backing down on its suspected nuclear weapons development. With diplomatic discussions taking place over a number of weeks, Tehran is granted the opportunity to speed up its covert uranium enrichment program behind the scenes. The Jewish state - its most hated foe - would likely be Iran’s first and primary target with a nuclear weapon.

AHMADINEJAD TO QUIT POLITICS IN 2013: A German newspaper reported Saturday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will finish his political career when his second term ends next year and that he plans to return to academia. Ahmadinejad is unable to run in Iran's June 2013 elections because of term limits. The Iranian president has experienced dwindling popularity over the past year, due to a falling out with his former mentor, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Ahmadinejad's faction was dealt a severe blow in recent parliamentary elections by Islamic hardliners loyal to Khamenei, and he has found himself grilled by parliament over his conduct and policies. In addition to allegations that billions of precious oil dollars were illegally diverted, Ahmadinejad has faced intense criticism over his handling of Iran's economy and foreign policy during its nuclear showdown with the West. As his country prepares for nuclear talks in Moscow, Ahmadinejad, last week, accused the participating world powers of looking for ways to “find excuses and to waste time” in discussions over Tehran's controversial nuclear program. (Arutz-7)

ROMNEY PLEASES CHRISTIAN GROUP WITH STANCE ON ISRAEL: Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama on Saturday of being more afraid of Israel attacking Iran than of Iran developing a nuclear weapon. He responded with ridicule when asked what he would do, if elected, to strengthen US relations with the Jewish state. "I think you can just look at the things the president has done and do the opposite," Romney said, to laughter and prolonged applause from members of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, an evangelical Christian political organization. "You look at his policies with regards to Iran," Romney continued. "He's sounded like he's more frightened that Israel might take military action than he's concerned that Iran might become nuclear. "Faith and Freedom Coalition founder, Ralph Reed, reminded the same audience that some 17 million Evangelicals failed to vote in 2008 when Democrat Barack Obama beat the GOP's John McCain, and now the fight is on to get them there this November. Reed said the coming election is critical because Obama is “somebody who’s called for more government, more spending and more bureaucracy. Reed also accused the Obama administration of attacking religious freedom. (NEWSMAX/J.Post)

EGYPTIAN MILITARY DISSOLVES PARLIAMENT AFTER COURT RULING: On June 14, Egypt's Constitutional Court made two key rulings, confirming that former prime minister and air force head, Ahmed Shafiq, would be allowed to run in last weekend's presidential runoff and invalidating one-third of the seats in the Islamist-controlled legislature. In the decision to nullify election results for 166 legislators, the court ruled that party-affiliated candidates had won seats allocated to "independents. "In the wake of the decree, the Egyptian military announced it is dissolving the legislature and assuming law-making powers in its place. The biggest loser in these decisions is the Muslim Brotherhood, which controlled 47% of the parliament. (Institute for Near East Policy)

THOUSANDS IN ISRAEL CONVERT TO JUDAISM IN 2011: More than 4,000 Gentiles converted to Judaism in Israel last year, according to government statistics. The data was announced at a weekend event sponsored by the Conversion Authority of the Prime Minister's Office. A total of 4,239 people made the seminal change in their lives, including 1,936 people from countries in the former Soviet Union, and 1,647 who were from Ethiopia and other African nations. The remainder hailed from a variety of Western, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Judaism's newest "members of the tribe" had completed government-sponsored conversion classes and had passed the various tests that enabled them to join the Jewish People, a process that is considered quite rigorous and to which most converts dedicate several years of their lives to completing. (Arutz-7)

ISRAELI SCIENTIST NAMED WORLD FOOD PRIZE WINNER: Dr. Daniel Hillel, an Israeli-American scientist who created an innovative way of bringing water to crops in arid regions, was last week chosen to be the winner of the 2012 World Food Prize. Dr. Hillel has been acclaimed for revolutionizing food production in arid regions around the world through a method known as micro-irrigation which has impacted millions of lives. His scientific achievement and his dedication to working with people across borders have helped improve food security for all. (INN)

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The Segals have a vast vision for God's purposes in the nations and to the people of Israel. In fact, their longing to help rebuild Israel both spiritually and physically inspired them to pioneer the non-profit charity organization, Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse. This arm of their ministry focuses on assisting the poor and needy, widows and orphans, and reaching out to the new Jewish immigrants coming into the land of Israel. Vision 's most challenging project to date is "The Joseph Storehouse?", humanitarian aid center, located in the hills of Jerusalem. The Joseph Storehouse functions as a channel of blessing to all of Israel, Jewish and Arab, through the gathering and distribution of emergency medical supplies, food, clothing, and other basic life necessities. USA office contact info: Vision for Israel, PO Box 7743, Charlotte NC 28241, 866-351-0075. The Segal's web site is


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