Israel Update

The End Of The Age

by Shira Sorko-Ram

The earth at night with lights of developed areas shining up into the heavens. This image is actually a composite of hundreds of pictures made by U.S. Defense Meteorological Sate llites Program (DMSP).

In deference to the New Year that ends with the number “12” it seemed fitting to write about the end of this Age. Our future is fraught with dangers we already see - let alone those we don’t. But the end is unspeakably glorious. The teachings of the Bible are there to help prepare us for what is to come. So with that in mind, we broach the End of the Age.

There are prophetic voices warning the Euro will collapse, the dollar will devaluate catastrophically and there will soon be a terrible war in the Middle East.

Certainly our 21st Century civilization deserves judgment. Of these specific events, only time will tell if these prophecies come to pass.

But for those whose destiny is heaven, the critical issue is that we recognize the signs now happening not in the future, but right now.

The Bible lists for us signs that will accompany the closing of this age. All of us know about the wars and rumors of war, of pestilences, earthquakes and even tsunamis (waves roaring), of great distress in the nations and persecution of believers and deceiving prophets and messiahs.

However, three times Yeshua the Messiah added a clear qualification. He said, “See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (Matthew 24:6) Again He said, “These are the beginning [not the end] of sorrows.” (Matt. 24:7-8) He reassured us: “Your redemption draws near [however, is not yet here].” (Luke 21:28)

These disasters are birth pangs that will grow in intensity and frequency, signaling the end is nearing. But the final events that will actually bring back the Messiah are not the above. On the contrary, Yeshua outlined three conditions He said would absolutely end this present age:


God has not sent His Son back to earth yet because the Gospel must first be preached to every creature. These were the Lord’s last instructions on earth. (Mark 16:15) Did the Lord entrust his disciples with this mission in vain?

Even before His death the Messiah revealed to the Twelve that the Gospel would actually be preached as a witness to the entire world. But then came the bombshell when He added, “Then the end shall come.” (Matt. 24:14)

We must never forget for a moment that Satan will fiercely oppose the events which will usher in the return of the Messiah. Wherever the Gospel is preached or shared, Satan sends his hordes to abort the new birth. Nevertheless, God has emphatically promised in the last days He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh on everyone!

To many of us that promise seems so impossible. How can revival possibly come to the earth when wickedness, violence and corruption are increasing exponentially the same sins that caused God to wipe mankind off the map save the family of Noah?

Since the New Testament states that all Scripture is for our instruction and the judgments that came upon Israel “became our examples,” we can understand Israel was and is God’s model of the way He deals with the human race. We can read over and over again that when Israel suffered terrible tragedy, only then did the Jewish people turn back to God.

Likewise, it would seem that only through great calamity, tragedy and affliction will sinners of the 21st Century turn away from materialism and the flesh and seek God. In America, on September 12, 2001, the day after 9/11, the churches were jammed. According to the Bible, such a disaster is only the beginning.

When judgment comes, in whatever manner, many will turn to God. To their everlasting regret, many will not. But everyone must have a chance.


Before the Lord returns, Jerusalem must be firmly in the hands of the Jewish people.

And they (the Jews) will fall by the edge of the sword, and will be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles [i.e., nations] until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. (Luke 21:24)